Monday, July 09, 2007

Woot Alert

Today's Woot is an Archos 40GB Media Player for $200.
I have the 80GB version of this, and can't say enough good things about it. If you're in the market for a MP3/Media player, I'd highly recommend this. Beats the tits off of some fruity-ass iPhone any freakin' day of the week.
This player is one of the most versatile gadgets I've ever had the pleasure of laying my filthy mitts on. It's totally DRM-free and there are loads of great downloadable hacks for it available online.
If you pick up the docking station for it you can record from any standard device with an AV output into MPEG4 format. I've transferred a bunch of crap from old VHS tapes and emptied out my Tivo cue using this thing. Then if you want to keep the files after you're done with 'em you can just drag & drop them onto your hard-drive.

Right now on my Archos I have about 250 full WMA format albums, 10 full-length movies, about 50 various TV episodes, and a butt-load of high-res JPG photos. I fucking love this thing.

- Proprietary plug (Why can't everyone just use USB? C'mon, please?)
- Kinda Bulky (You get a great picture and tons of memory, but you're not gonna slip it into your pocket)
- Docking Station sold separately

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