Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So You Bought A Blu-Ray?

Out of curiosity, I decided to compile a list of all of the (wildly successful) proprietary Sony formats. I can hardly make it through this list without peeing myself with laughter.

· BetaMax (1975)
· Mini-Disc (1991)
· Memory Stick (1998)
· HiFD (1998)
· Digital8 (1999)
· ATRAC (1999)
· Super Audio CD (1999)
· Universal Media Disc (2004)
· Hi-MD (2004)
· Blu-ray Disc (2006)

Wow, it's like a museum of failure.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
-George Santayana-


Michael K said...

I think the blu ray will eventually catch on but right now they can provide better definition than most tv sets. That won't happen til Sony's patent runs out and it becomes the new standard.

edP said...

Santana said that shit. Man I thought he was high all the time.

ladydi said...

Wow, you're bored!

Funny stuff though. Thanks for the WILT!

tom o said...

blu-ray is going to win this one.

studios are starting to go with blu-ray for their HD format. once PS3's come down in price and get more games they will be everywhere (with their included blu-ray support). finally, and most importantly, it's the format of choice for Japanese Porn:

DC Liar said...

Okay, What the fuck is the use of hi-def Japorno? All of the naughty bits are pixelated.

Oooh, you really can see the crispness of the mosaic covering her genitals. Wait, move it back a few seconds I think that you can make out an unblurred hi-def pubic hair. It'd be the equivalent of playing an old NES game on a 60" Plasma HDTV (Okay, that does sound pretty sweet, but still...).
Not even the Japanese buy Japanese porn. The black market DVDs of the hard stuff outsell the home-grown stuff in Tokyo by a margin of 2 to 1.
If the Thai porn industry adopted the competing HD-DVD format, Not even the Japanese would buy Blu-Ray.
BTW: I read a great quote today:
"Japan is like living in a nerd's head".

edP said...

Pixels are totally fucking hot

Michael K said...

Uh... Somebody knows a lot about Japanese porn.

DC Liar said...

Once burned...

Chris B. said...

Still not sure what ATRAC stands for but it sounds suspiciously like "8-track" in spoken form.

Adding layers to the stupidity is the Memory Stick. Simple enough name at its onset, but today the original Memory Stick will not fit in a modern camera. Now you have to know the difference between a Memory Stick Pro or Memory Stick Duo. What an inbred clusterfuck.

p.s. - it shouldn't burn. Get that checked out.