Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blog Cleaning

1) The last MSN Spaces holdout has finally switched over to the Blogger dark-side. The lovely Miss Jes recently launched "You Know You Want To". Check it out; it's like a written version of a Peaches album.

2) I pulled the link for Elise's blog from my links menu. She'd left that site a while ago, and now is switching blog addresses every other hour (or so). Her old space was hermit-crabbed by a spammer, and I figgered that anyone clicking from L&E didn't give a fuck about "Secrets of Living a Healthy, Happy and Exciting Life!".
From what I understand, Elise is now blogging out of a mountain-side cave somewhere along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. If you need that address, CONTACT ELISE YOUR DAMN SELF. I have several armed mercenaries following me around to ensure that I don't jeopardize the location of her new bloggin' strong-hold.

3) If things get any wiggier here in DC, I might join Elise in seclusion. Right now I'm pricing decommissioned missile silos in the American Southwest, and looking into plans for building my very own crazy-person shack out in the wilderness. Good times.

4) Keep an eye on the blog this weekend, because:
a) I have a new set of Drinky Joe pics that need to go up.
b) It's about time to crank out the "What I'm Listening To - Summer 2006" Mix CD.
c) I've got a ton of stories, and a couple rants that I've been saving up for way too long.
d) I haven't had an 'Asian Arert' or 'Gun Nut' post in quite awhile.

So, there you go. Use that information wisely.

Everyone have a happy 4th of July long-ass weekend. And remember: If you're going to play with firecrackers, make sure to keep them firmly secured in your hands and/or mouth after lighting the fuse.
Safety first!

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