Sunday, June 11, 2006

Garden (State) Party

Holy Shit!
My hotel is in a strip mall between a Costco, a Target, a PetSmart, and a Chilli's. I'm gonna get loaded on draft beer and Awesome Blossoms at Chili's, then sign up for a Costco membership, grab some shit from Target, and then go pet the ferrets at PetSmart.

In your face, fate!
Everything's coming up Millhouse!

Oh, no flippin' way... There's a god-damned bowling alley across the
street. Sweet!

I'm staying here forever.

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Gundy said...

Don't get so drunk that you make a suit of, put a ferret in, or otherwise rip up, those Target bags. You need those for trash can liners!

Michael K said...

In regards to the Awesome Blossom:

A) Not Awesome.
B) Not a Blossom.

Kind of gross actually.

josephodd said...

Don't listen to fancy-pants, Josh! You eat that 2lb fried laxative!