Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Teachers Are Revolting

Holy Shit!
I've had one hell of a goddamned day. One of the attendees at the PTA conference noticed my name-badge and launched into an unholy tirade. Apparently I was featured in a recent issue of Mother Jones Magazine (with a dandy caricature), and this woman made the connection. So, for two hours I had to deal with this woman, and all of the flag-burning lesbians from her coven. It was a motherfucking doozy, but as a plus, I may be the only person to have uttered the phrase "Why don't you just fuck off, you commie twat" at a PTA conference. Everybody knows that teachers are leftist pinko scum (see EdP), so I shouldn't be surprised, but... Fuck.

And another fucking thing: I have never seen so many freakishly obese and/or pug fugly people in one spot. It looks more like a sideshow freak exhibit than a conference. *shudder*

It can't be all bad you say (to which I say: "Shut your cum-trap you cocksucker"). Well, tonight I get the privilege of attending the Diamondbacks play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, and Outlying Areas. It's like I lost a bet, but I have 3 words that will get me through it: beer, beer, and beer.

I've got two days left of this shit. I knew I should have packed a gun.

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edP said...

hey, I resemble those remarks...especially "pinko" since I'm wearing E's pink hat at the SOX game. You're just jealous. Don't worry E, DI and I are planning to take you to the new and vastly improved SOX Park when you come for your visit in Aug. As a fan of the Cubs and someone who lives in a market surrounded by the Nats and the O's there will be some new things for you to see at a SOX game. The thing that will be hardest for you to recognize will be guys on the home team crossing the plate. Those are called runs.

Also, nice to see you building bridges here with the professional educators of this great country of ours.

If you really wanted to piss 'em off you should've told them about plans to launch part II of No Child Left Behind entitled, No Teacher Left Alone.

Finally, you should be flattered that someone has your picture on their coven walls. I think a warlock flipped me off once, but that ain't shit compared to this.

Kim said...

Dude ... there is NO WAY I could handle it for a MINUTE if ever I made you mad. (Shudder.) I would shrivel up and die if you loosed that anger on me.
Which isn't to say your anger isn't justified -- just that, wow, I'll not fuck with YOU anytime soon.

On the sunnyside, if I need to let into someone some day, can I call on you for help?

Kim said...

On second thought: I'm about to take a walk to my local Hippie Co-Op -- I believe they carry Mother Jones.

I'll fuck some shit up in my wimpy way in your honor.

Report to follow ...

Michael K said...

Shut the fuck up you whiny bitch. Waaa! I have to go to a ball game. Waaa! I have to hear it from a teacher cuz I was in a magazine. If only we could all be as important as you. Get over it already. When you come for your visit in August, I am gonna give ya somethin' to cry about.

And stop with blogging from the Dingleberry. Apparently, it has no spell check.

edP said...

I still say he can whine about the's a post HGH Diamondbacks game...they're all a bunch of shriveled hobbits out there eh

Olekobe said...

Dar Kommitwat uh oh

In Pheonix where it's hot uh oh