Friday, June 16, 2006

Super Hero

I just gave away a Drinkin' Bag to some wobbly chick on the subway.
I'm like a superhero. My super-power is the ability to hand out air-sickness bags to all the drunks on public transit.

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Lady Di )O( said...

Because everyone knows that a lady does not drunk-puke in public unless she is doing so into a bag.

Then it's ok. In fact, then it's just adorable.

Michael K said...

Did you offer to hold her hair back?

elisenator said...

i love the colors now. finally i don't want tto puke!

The Old Dog said...

I can see it: You're holding a stumbling drunk up by his shirt collar, just as he was about to fall. You hand him a bag and he asks, "Who are you?" You answer, "I'm Bagman".

edP said...

...or Captain Pukesack