Friday, June 02, 2006

If The Old Dog Thought the Blog Re-Design Post Was Gay...

One of my favorite time-wasting games is to substitute the word 'penis/penises' into movie/book/song titles.
I'm not sure where I got this from, but I'm pretty sure that the idea came from someone even more juvenile than myself. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that EdP and/or William T had a hand penis in coming up with this game.
Anyway, today I was looking at the Classic DVDs 47% Off section of, and I started to play the game. I giggled (like a schoolgirl) until I cried (like a schoolgirl) .

Here are a few of my favorites (click on the links to see the original titles):
The Day the Penis Stood Still
The Penises of Wrath
Hush...Hush, Sweet Penis
How to Steal a Penis
The Penis of the Sixth Happiness
The Penis of Anne Frank
Penis Her to Heaven
Three Penises In the Fountain
Love is a Many-Splendored Penis
How Green Was My Penis
Irving Berlin's Alexander's Ragtime Penis
Anna and the King of Penis


TheStrangeblue said...

Josh, you is one funny motherfucker. "Love is a many splendored penis" takes the cake, but "How Green is my Penis" is close behind. And "F-U-C-K S-P-...." had me rolling for at least 3 minutes. Sweet Jesus, I've become blog surfer. Only yours though. Thanks for the giggles. JOSH DID YOU LISTEN TO MY FUCKING RENDITION OF THAT'S THE WAY???? It's very "you." It's posted on my bloogie.

edP said...

Seven Penises for Seven Brothers

edP said...

Penis Over the River Kwai

DC Liar said...

Before the days of the bloggin' I was lobbying the Old Dog to join me in a cover band called 'Penis & Garfunkle'. All of our songs would be as such:
Last Night I Had The Strangest Penis
The Sound Of Penis
Penis Morning, 3 A.M.
The Big Bright Green Penis Machine
Penises Never Bend With The Rainfall
A Penis On The Underground Wall
Save The Life Of My Penis
A Hazy Shade Of Penis
So Long, Penis Lloyd Wright
Bye Bye Penis
Penis Over Troubled Water
I Am A Cock

DC Liar said...

Those Magnificent Men in Their Penis Machines

Anonymous said...

And who can forget that timeless S&G, er P&G classic, The Dangling Penis.

The Old Dog said...

Wow! I didn't know that Penis & Garfunkel was just one of your many penis endevours. Since we're on it:

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Penises

Penis (Shaft)

One Flew Over The Penis

The Penis Adventure (The Poseiden

A Penis Is Born

bigsoda said...

Look no further than Welles for:
- The War of the Penises
- Citizen Penis
- The Magnificent Penises
and the fascinating "cockumentary:"
- "F" is for Penis.

DC Liar said...

Oh, and Penis & Garfunkel would be pronounced "Penis Ampersand Garfunkel".
I'm not sure why, but I remember being pretty vehement about it.

DC Liar said...

re: Welles

And who could forget " Touch of Penis" or "The Third Penis"?

If you want to delve into his TV/narration/lesser known roles, you get other gems such as:
The Penis from Shanghai
The Incredible Shrinking Penis
Penis in the Mirror
The Penis Honeymoon
Upon This Penis
Get to Know Your Penis
The Penis Who Came to Dinner
Penis of the Damned
Penis of the Ancient Mariner
A Penis Called Moses
Transformers: The Penis

Thanx IMDb (

edP said...

An American Werewolf in Penis

An American Penis in Paris

edP said...

Bill and Ted's Big Penis

OleKobe said...

Gentlemen, gentlemen...this has gone on long enough!

Close Encounters of the Third Penis

edP said...

Gentlemen? Where?

edP said...

Looking for Mr. Goodpenis

goneferalinidaho said...

I haven't heard from you in a while, I was starting to think you'd gone soft or uber-political. I am so happy to see that you are right on track!

edP said...

My Own Private Penis

edP said...

The Penis That Fell to Earth
(I love you David Bowie!)

edP said...

A few last Orson films (although nothing is going to top "F" is for Penis)

The Penis at Midnight
The Big Brass Penis
Mr. Arkadin's Penis

edP said...

Now let's "do Howard Hawkes

Bringing Up Penis
Penis Bravo

Lady Di )O( said...

"Hush, Hush...Sweet Penis".

baaahaaa. I'm falling on the floor like a fool. Lemme see what the Lady's got.

The Penis Effect
The Ususal Penises
The Royal Penises
Nightmare before Penis
Schindler's Penis
Penis Club
The 40-Year Old Penis
I Heart Penises.


edP said...

Schindler's Penis???

I think we have a weiner

Kim said...

I want to do cereals.

Count Penis
Special "P"

and perhaps the best, simply Penis (from Life cereal.)

edP said...

Captain Penis

Prairie Dawg said...

It's a Wonderful Penis
On Golden Penis
Penis Now

You could even take the less obvious noun & switch with some already said:

Chimes at Penis
The Man Who Fell to Penis
The Incredible Penis Man
The Bridge over Penis Kwai

edP said...

Blue Penis (D-Hopper is an even bigger prick in this version)

edP said...

Burt Reynolds:

Sharky's Penis

Stroker Penis

Smokey and the Penis

Penis and the Bandit

The Longest Penis

edP said...

Maximum Penisdrive

edP said...

Anne of Green Penis
Penis of Green Gables

edP said...

In honor of my beloved WhiteSOX:

8 Penises Out

edP said...

And to show that I am not one of those Chicago sports fans who think that there is nothing west of the Mississippi or east of Gary...

Penis of the Yankees

edP said...

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Penis

edP said...

A Penis for All Seasons

edP said...

The Penises of Navarone

edP said...

Hannah and Her Penises

edP said...

Penis of Arabia

edP said...

All The President's Penises

edP said...

The Great Penis Robbery

edP said...

Penises in the Outfield