Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Photo Summary of Phoenix

First off - these are all high-res photos, so if they might take forever to load if you're using an older computer. Don't bitch, because I really don't care.

I'm not going into the travel fiasco. It sucked total ass - period. All I have to show you is proof of my super-awesome McGyver skillz. I lost an ear-piece for my headphones at the DC airport, so I rigged a replacement out of a cigarette butt:
Earbuds I also learned that the last thing people waiting in a tarmac want to see is a wild eyed man tearing apart cigarettes, biting off bits, poking the remains with a toothpick, all while swearing profusely.
As soon as I got settled at the hotel, I decided to check out the convention center where the conference was to be held. This is what I found:
Must Be An Oh, shit.
Then I wandered around a bit and found the Convention Center Annex:
Phoenix Welcomes You! Bingo!
I wandered inside to check it out. Most booths looked something like this:
Normal Booth---
Mine looked like this:
My Booth Fancy!
Later that night, I learned an interesting factoid. Due to the intense heat, all construction work in Phoenix is done at night. I took this picture from my balcony:
Construction 2 Once again; They worked ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT, right outside MY WINDOW. Peaceful.
Anyway, a lot of stuff happened that I didn't get pictures of (thank Christ!).
I don't feel like pulling out my soapbox just yet, so all those stories will have to wait. What I did get is a bunch of cool shots of architecture:
Reflection 2 ...and flowers:
Desert Flower 6If you want to check 'em all out (about 50), go on over to my Flickr page.


edP said...

Regarding your improvised headphones, let me be the first to say...ewwww

DC Liar said...

Not a used filter. I sacrificed a soldier for the cause.

Lady Di )O( said...

Your trip looks positively awful. I laughed thinking of you at your pathetic booth.

I think the sidebar gets moved to the bottom when you post a picture that is too wide. Maybe.

DC Liar said...

The problem was that Flickr just started to disallow static links. You have to put in active links (pics that lead back to the Flickr page when clicked).
Problem is; you have to do the sizing and alignment in HTML, so I had to figure out all that nonsense before I could get everything together.

Lady Di )O( said...

Meh- just more bullshit to deal with associated with Phoenix.

Phoenix does not equal fire.

DC Liar said...

Actually, the outlaying areas are ON FIRE. Literally*.

* IE: 1) Actually; not figuratively.
2) In direct opposition to how everyone else seems to use the fucking word.

Steener said...

I'm a little frightened by the blow-up Campbell's kid wearing graduation gear. Did you steal one?

DC Liar said...

I wish. The only swag I escaped with was a plush Tivo icon, and a couple of Video Game Ratings Board t-shirts with rating terms across the front, and rating icons on the back. I got: "Comic Mischief" and "Some Adult Assistance Required".

Michael K said...

That looks like an ear tampon.

DC Liar said...

Well, it was bleeding.