Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What I'm Listening To - Summer 2006

Here's the 4th seasonal CD Mix. This time I shook things up a little bit; alphabetical order went straight out the window, 'cause it's summertime and the rules of order just don't apply. Plus, I wanted to start off with the Screeching Weasel track and end with the Sludgeworth track. That killed the order right off the bat. If you want to be a jerk about it, feel free to reorganize it on your MP3 player.

Okay, on to the disc itself. All I've got to say is that this new comp flat-out rocks. Period. End.

If I could marry an inanimate object, this CD would be my sweet bitch. I'd be so deep into this compilation that they'd need to call the fire department to break out the Jaws of Life to free my junk... Um, well...
I guess what I'm sayin' is that this comp is really good. Check it out:

Liner Notes:

1) Screeching Weasel - First Day of Summer
from the 1996 release "Bark Like a Dog"
Every year, on the first day of summer, I listen to this song on an almost continuous loop. This is a great song to get y'all up in the Summer mood.

2) Parry Gripp - Goin' Campin'
an MP3 file from his website
Demand: EdP and/or The Old Dog have to learn this song before the August camp-out. This must be done - I command it.

3) Earl Lee Grace - So Good
from the 1995 release "Blackgrass"
Back in 1995 Blag Dahlia (lead singer of the Dwarves) released this Buck Owensesque album. A couple of months later Bloodshot Records released their first CD, later launching the "Alt-Country" scene into the mainstream. Nowadays, no one ever mentions 'Earl Lee Grace', and this release remains a forgotten gem.

4) Neko Case - Star Witness
from the 2006 release "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood"
Speaking of Bloodshot... The queen of Alt-Country left 'em and headed off to Epitaph/Anti. This is track #2 off of her brand spankin' new one.

5) Bad Astronaut - Killers and Liars
from the 2002 release "Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem"
Truth be told, if this comp was weighted by time spent listening to any individual artist, most of the tracks would be Bad Astronaut and Armchair Martian. I've been listening to the Bad Astronaut stuff over and over, and it's not getting old.FYI: this is a side project of Joey Cape (from Lagwagon/Me First & the Gimme Gimmes).

6) Armchair Martian- Confession
from the 2002 release "Who Wants to Play Bass?"
I have a WMA disc in my car that has all of the Armchair Martian and Drag the River (Jon's other band) releases on one CDR. I listened to that disc all the way from DC to New Jersey and back. I never thought of switching it out. Also, I listened to the whole Armchair Martian catalog somewhere between DC & Phoenix. I can't get enough. This track is one of my favorites.

7) J Mascis - Back Before You Go
from the 2000 release "More Light"
I fucking love this chorus. It sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it. The best I've come up with is somewhere between M.O.T.O. & Redd Kross. Whatever it is, it's catchy as fuck.

8) Folk Implosion - Free to Go
from the 1999 release "One Part Lullaby"
I wanted to put on the title track from this record, but The Girl talked me out of it. She was right; this song was the perfect fit for this comp. I'm an idiot.

9) The Kinks - Picture Book
from the 2004 special edition re-release of the 1968 album "The Village Green Preservation Society"
Once again, I wanted to put on another Kinks track, but ended up changing my mind at the last minute. I was all about "Sunny Afternoon", but then I picked up this re-release, and couldn't get "Picture Book" outta my damned head. So, here it is - and remember to stock up on HP photo paper.

10) Peaches - Set it Off (Tobi Neumann Mix)
from the 2000 release "Teaches of Peaches"
Filth - plain and simple. I love it

11) Tommy February 6 - Choose Me or Die
from the 2004 release "Tommy Airline"
What would any Summer mix be without a Japanese dance-pop track with scary-ass co-dependent lyrics? Frankly, I don't want to know.

12) Servotron - Serve, Obey, Protect Men From Harm
from the 1998 release "Entertainment Program for Humans"
When the robots raise up and enslave humanity, this is what we'll be dancing to every Saturday night after our weekend double-shifts in the Zinc mines. Get used to it.

13) Jets to Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary
from the 2000 release "Four Cornered Night"
For weeks, I had the opening of this song echoing through my brain. No matter how hard I'd try, I couldn't quite place it. Finally, one Sunday afternoon I said aloud "Jets to Brazil". This track went on the mix list about 15 seconds later.

14) Love - A Message to Pretty
from the 1966 self-titled release "Love"
The second version of M2P in the Mix chronology; this time, performed by the original artist. This version is a good Summer fit. Keep your ears open for a couple more cover versions on forthcoming mixes, and once again thank EdP for the idea.

15) M.O.T.O. - The Turd That Came to Life
from the 1988 7" EP "Hammeroid"
I'm still digging on the M.O.T.O. - hard. This track is probably the most juvenile track I've ever put in a mix, and I can't get enough. FYI: this track was re-issued on the "Single File" CD - go buy it now.

16) Lawrence Arms - Quincetuple Your Money
from the 2001 Split CD (with the Chinkees) "Present Day Memories"
I'm so totally psyched about the upcoming Lagwagon/Lawrence Arms show @ Black Cat that I'm using terms like "totally psyched". This is the new(er) band with the Chicagoland kids from Tricky Dick. For you D-Town folks, they'll be playing at The House August 26th. I'll be there; will you?

17) The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Up for Sale
from the 2001 release "A New Morning Changing Weather"
I saw these guys open for some band at the 9:30 Club a couple of years back. I fucking hated them. Something about their look/stage presence rubbed me the wrong way. Recently, I picked up this disc out of the local used CD store's bargain bin, and have been really diggin' it. I can admit I was wrong.

18) Against Me! - Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious
from the 2003 release "The Acoustic EP"
I just recently discovered this band, and I'm fuckin' lovin' 'em. Hands down, the best new band I've discovered in the last year. Great fucking lyrics.

19) Firewater - So Long, Superman
from the 1998 release "The Ponzi Scheme"
In honor of this Summer's Hollywood blockbuster. From their incredible 1998 sophomore album.

20) X - 4th of July
from the 1987 release "See How We Are"
The perfect summer song from a band that's finally getting some (much belated) recognition.

21) McLusky - She Will Only Bring You Happiness
from the 2004 release "The Difference Between Me & You Is That I'm Not on Fire"
The Old Dog digs the line "Note to invading aliens; avoid this town, like this town avoided us". I dig their entire catalog. I'm still way bummed that they broke up. If you didn't get the chance to see them live, you really missed out.

22) Sludgeworth - Someday (Roadkill 7" Version)
from the 1990 Self-Titled 7" (Long Out of Print)
This is an alternate version of my favorite song of all time. It has been for the last 13 years. This version is taken directly from the "lost" EP. It's a lot faster than the Johan's Face/Lookout version, but still kicks some ass. This is probably the only place you'll ever hear this track unless you want to spend a bunch of time and money tracking down a copy of the vinyl.

Once again, I'm only burning 50 copies of this bitch (hand numbered), and (as always) it's first come - first served. The different bit is that I created a new e-mail address to take requests for this one. If you want a FREE copy, shoot your name and mailing address to: dclies@gmail.com.

The first batch should be ready to ship in a couple of days, so get to the begging. You know you want it.


Gundy said...

J and I have had Neko's "Hold On, Hold On" in heavy rotation for a few weeks now. I also really like "The Needle Has Landed" and the title track.

"Speaking of Bloodshot... The queen of Alt-Country left 'em and headed off to Epitaph/Anti." That explains why Fox Confessor is the only album that Y! Music has available.

Michael K said...

Please send this Pollack some rock. I like the McLusky. Good stuff.

The Old Dog said...

We're goin' mother fuckin' campin', bitch. Don't you worry.

DC Liar said...

Mike - Shoot me your address. The only one I have is the old (Fargo) address.

Michael K said...

1415 W LUNT #305 Chicago 60626. Thanks!

edP said...

I can't stop watching that Maybe Sparrow video on Havoc whatever the fuck. Neko Case is incredible