Friday, February 16, 2007

Drinky Joeapalooza

Ive got good news and bad news on the Drinky Joe front.

Bad: I just lost a disc full of Joe pics due to a format error. I had been using an obsolete camera that still stored the photos on 3.5 floppies(specifically for the DJ page), and those things are squirrelly as hell. This is the second time that it's happened - I lost the entire 3rd series and, now, the entire 13th series to "format errors". My theory is that this error strikes out at any disc that is a prime number containing the integer '3'. If this theory holds, I should be safe for another 10 discs, but I'm not chancing it. From here on out I'm switching to a memory card.

Good: To compensate, I've documented the phenomena of Joe in moving pictures. That's right, It's the long-awaited 'Drinky Joe the Movie':

It's just like you were there with me on the couch. Now just replay that clip on a loop from 4AM to 3PM, and you'll have a pretty good representation of what it's like here on any given day. For added realism take a well-worn unwashed gym sock, dip it in Old Grandad brand whiskey, fill it with moldy cheese, let it sit on the radiator for a week or two, and then tie around your face while watching that clip.

Big News:
Since there's no new Drinky goodness (aside from a couple of random shots that I found on a memory card), I'm announcing the first L&E Photoshop contest. Simply use any one of the 300+ pictures from the Drinky Joe Flickr Page, Photoshop (or similar program), and your mastery of 1337 speak to create one of those captioned pics that those interweb geeks love so much:
If it's good enough for cute kitties, then it's good enough for drunk Italians.
Send all submissions to dclies(at) and I'll post 'em all up on the Drinky Joe page as they come in.
All entrants will receive a damn-sweet super-secret special prize, so hop to it.


edP said...

Andy Warhol eat your fucking dick off...

...or something like that.

Olekobe said...

I think it's ur f***king dick.

I'm no g33k.

Chris B. said...

I think I have the first entry.

DC Liar said...


Chris B. said...

Here's another entry. I have to win something for the effort.