Thursday, February 01, 2007

Super Boned

My tickets to the game fell through.
I was supposed to meet my parents down there, but my dad was hospitalized to remove his gall bladder.* He just got discharged from the hospital today and is in no way up for a trip down to Miami, so those tickets were lost to circumstance. I'm just glad that the old man is in the clear and doing well.
I had a few other leads on "reasonable" tickets, but they were all part of PAC events, and (ultimately) too rich for my blood. Plus, the last thing I'd want to do in Miami is hang around with a bunch of DC politicos for 5 days, so I'm sitting this one out.
I've been fortunate enough to go to three of the last five Superbowls (XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII - I voluntarily sat out Jacksonville and Detroit for obvious reasons), and (in retrospect) I'm kinda glad that I'm sitting this one out. Every time I go, I end up in a corporate suite and have to fight through a crowd of loud schmoozing people (who could care less about the game) just to see the field. I'm not sure I could take it - I'd probably snap. Plus, it'll be nice to be able to have the benefit of my Tivo for replays and such.
I'm not even thinking of doing any sort of a party (which I've done every year that I haven't attended). I just want absolute quiet in the room with the surround sound cranked - No conversation, no food prep, no mixing drinks, just football. Well, football and beer, and maybe some left-over pizza, but that's it. I want to get in the zone and stay there.
I'm tempted to invest the money I would have spent on the Superbowl ticket/Miami trip on a 50" plasma screen HDTV and another 5" LCD screen for above the toilet, but I fear that if I do so I'll NEVER get Drinky Joe off of the couch (or out of the bathroom). Yeah, that'll definitely have to wait.
I'm not really upset about having to sit this one out. I'm just glad that my dad's okay, grateful that I've had the opportunity to attend 3 of these things before, and relieved that I will be able to watch the game without any distractions. I just hope that my cable doesn't cut-out (once again) during the big game. If so, I'm storming the RCN/Starpower offices armed to the teeth.


*I'm still trying to convince him to try selling it on the blackmarket for use in ancient-Chinese-boner-pills. That's money in the bank.


bigsoda said...

Glad to hear your dad is okay, man. We'll get a block of tickets next time the Bears are in "the Big Game..."

Chris B. said...

I read about your dad on a crawl at the bottom of the screen on NBC 5 during a Superbowl segment. Glad that went well.

I'm with Devtron - we'll go en masse next year.

Prairie Dawg said...

Sounds like a plan and very glad the surgery went well. Also, thanks for the suggestion: I'm going to chomp some Chinese boner pills and watch the game in an even more heightened state of arousal.

tom o said...

I'm with you on the non-party. I _might_ have a friend over but that's it. If it gets dark enough i'll be able to fire up the projector for a big screen second half.

suites are overrated. well, except for the private bathrooms.

glad the surgery went well!

Meat Head said...

Really Good to hear the Ol Man's ok.

My Pops is flying in from Dallas and you are more than welcome to drive down to Raleigh to watch it with us.

I hear you on no party stuff. I want to remember this for the rest of my days. I will have fud prepared though. I plan on eating and drinking my fill all day. This is better than all the Xmas and Birthdays combined. Oh it is my Birthday Sunday.

With a win everything will be coming up Milhouse!

Gundy said...

The Liar uses "Armed to the teeth" in much the same way hippies used to use the term "skyclad".

edP said...

You shot who in the what now?

edP said...

Seriously, glad to hear all went well with the surgery.

You should repost the pic of you and Darryl(?) Green on Superbowl Sunday and write a BS post about how you guys kicked Dan Snyder in the bag and took his private jet to Miami.

I think that bastard had two interceptions when the Skins ousted the Bears the season following their last trip to the SB.

Maybe you should just find D. Green on Superbowl Sunday and kick him in the bag.

At the very least, I think you could raise the terror alert.

DC Liar said...

If you ever see me skyclad and armed to the teeth, RUN LIKE HELL!
Nothing good can come of it.

Michael said...

I don't just want the Bears to win Sunday, I want the Bears to win the next five so that we can once and for all get over the fucking 85 team. Yes, they were great but can we just move on and stop sucking Iron Mike's dick for five minutes? Ditka can lick my balz. He doesn't even live here. If we win it will probably only get worse until we win another one.

Michael said...

And good news about your pop. You should call him every time there is a good play on Sunday and make some sort of shitty "gall" pun.

big sky said...

Glad your dad is ok- ask Ed what he is doing for the game.