Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Time to rock it out like we're the old gods. Everybody raise a bottle to the Carney.
Okay, good. Now don't let it go until it's empty.


Michael said...

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Cool party. Enjoy!
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DC Liar said...

Hey Jimmy, Even the gay 'escorts' are gettin' in on wishing you a happy b-day.

Pffft. That guy isn't even a decent escort. In college I had a compact Ford hatchback; Now THAT was an Escort.
I bet you couldn't even get 3 mic stands up into him, let alone a PA system.

~Jeanne said...

Jimmy, one of my favorite people. Happy Birthday!

edP said...

Help, I'm choking...and I haven't even picked up the bottle yet.

You rock Jimmy!

The Old Dog said...

Happy Birthday, Jimmie!