Friday, February 23, 2007

Joshua Loves Bicycling and Shoe Repair

So says Wikipedia.

Never Google (or Wikipedia) your own name - There's some genuinely weird shit out there on the interwebs. According to various Google search results, I'm gay, responsible for the war in Iraq, dead, and have a 45 year-old black daughter. Huh; I never knew.

While your at it, don't Google friends' names either - Rapemyprofessor had a couple of illiterates railing against Ed. I almost planned a drunken road-trip back to D-Town to shake down the bulk of his ex-students in pursuit of some answers.

Moral: If you're looking for information on the internets, all you'll ever find are lies & exaggerations. Snap!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to ride my bike on over to the cobbler shop to pick up my vintage brass heel nails as soon as they open.


Meat Head said...

That is fucking hilarious! Did you write that or was that really what the skinny on you is. Loves bicycling and shoe repair! Shoe repair? Fucking funny, the mental picture of you riding a Pee Wee Herman bike and wearying the Geppetto gear off to fix some shoes with a big dopey smile on your face. I can’t stop giggling.

Man your bro got hosed. First sentence a kick in the balls. Can’t trip and make a mistake in your family, ouch.

Hey I was thinking of making a trip up to DC to visit my cousin. Should I bring my shoes that need fixing?

edP said...

Kim was mad that I had a chilli pepper and then lost it.

Come to think of it, if I was such a great teacher - how'd those poor bastards end up so illiterate?

Meat Head said...

So no new shoe repairs stories from the weekend? Any pleasant bike trips planned?