Sunday, February 04, 2007

Trade Grossman

Pick up Jake Plummer in the offseason. I know that Grossie will probably become one of the greatest QBs of all time, but in Chicago he will always be a goat.
If you loathe something, set it free .


The Old Dog said...

I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you on that one. Let him be a great QB in Chicago. You're just angry.

edP said...


DC Liar said...

If you shit the bed in the big game, there's no forgiveness in the Windy City. Just ask Kyle Farnsworth.

Meat Head said...

I can't even say anything right now.

Grossman didn't evne shit the bed. It was worse than that. It is like he played for the other team.

Chris B. said...

I've been an advocate for Grossman all year because he's shown that he can step up (last year in the playoffs with only a few regular season snaps) and against the Saints. I know he dropped the "slippery" ball on the snap twice (no excuses) but I more blame Ron Turner for yesterday. Abysmal calls. Shit - they had a blueprint on the field taking apart their defense. For the love of Ed, they did it themselves two weeks ago. It's like they were all out partying the night before or something.

I don't know if we keep Grossman or what but I don't think it's all his fault. Plus, Plummer and Griese? Isn't that a recipe for failure?

Prairie Dawg said...

This is one of two games this season I think you can blame on Grossman.

Anyone who thinks Rex is a bad QB, period, doesn't know/care about football. As shitty as he was I'm not getting on that bandwagon.

Think of all the times Peyton manning has shit the bed.

Aside from that, you can't blame anybody in particular; they got outplayed on both sides of the ball. There's no coaching strategy or anything like that that deserves analysis. The defense got served, even before they were tired. True they only allowed 2 TDs, but still. They got pounded. They got manhandled.

Meat Head said...

The worst part of this is... I get to go right on hateing myself.

The Cubs start spring training in a couple of weeks. It's like I just can't hate myself anymore!

How many times will I let these teams break my heart. Hard to say but it really does get old.

edP said...

Did you say you loved me ChrisB?

DC Liar said...

I knew things were bad when in the 4th I took the over-sized Bears magnet down off of the fridge and put up the over-sized Cubs magnet.
Sometime in August they'll probably switch back.

garv said...

Keep hope alive. The Cubs are going all the way this year. Of course, that could just mean they're getting laid.

edP said...

One thing in defense of Kyle Farnsworth....for a professional athlete that guy can actually fight. He kicked that Cincinatti Red dude's ass this way and that. Call him a drunk, say he's got a million dollar arm with a ten cent head...if Kyle Farnsworth sucker punched somebody or hit them straight up - you bet they're falling down.

Were did all this pointless love for Farnsworthless come from? I'm and idiot.

The Sox have David Aardsma.

Does anybody know what standing in the baseball record book the former Cub reliever took from the Great Henry Aaron?