Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fuck 'em if They Can't Take a Joke

Oh, boo-hoo they drew our prophet... WAAAH! Ok, let's burn down another sizable chunk of our shit-hole country.

What a bunch of fucking twats.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a miserable misanthropic prick. I hate humanity in general, but there is a special pit in my bowels for the fucking Islamic fundamentalists.

I have lived in several diverse regions of this country, and have been fortunate enough to consider individuals from every conceivable ethnicity and religion as friends - except for Muslims. Every single Muslim I've met has been has been a smug, unpleasant, sexist, homophobic, self-righteous prick. There hasn't been one Muslim that I've had the displeasure of enduring for more than 5 minutes that I haven't wanted to kick in their teeth. I can only speak for the men I've met (I guess they don't let their lady folk out of their kennels for social occasions). This goes for ALL those cocksuckers; be they brown, yellow, black, or white - they all fucking suck ass.

It's a shame that we even have to deal with these pricks. I wish that the billions of dollars we were funneling into the Middle-Eastern wars could instead be invested into alternate fuel source research, so that we could be rid of the whole mess.

I just don't think any good can come from our work in that region (remember when the Taliban and Iraq were our allies?). These people don't want democracy, and they sure as shit don't want equality or tolerance. I say let them rot. Hell, If I had it my way, all of the land from Russia south to Africa and from Bulgaria east to China would be referred to as "Israel" on all maps. Let them choke on that.

Muhammad f'in Allah, what a bunch of pussies and cry-babies.


Michael K said...

I think the problem stems from this passage from the Koran:

The Koran
The Opening

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
[1.1] All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
[1.2] The Beneficent, the Merciful.
[1.3] Master of the Day of Judgment.
[1.4] Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help.
[1.5] Keep us on the right path.
[1.6] The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who draw Snoopies and definitely not the guys who draw Family Circus and Garfield.

edP said...

What about Cat Stevens?

DC Liar said...

Double-fuck that twat. Cats in the cradle - my ass.

edP said...

Wow, a shot at Harry Chaffin from out of nowhere...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fuck Malcolm X too! What the fuck did he ever do for anyone? Selfish prick!

The Old Dog said...

Bush told us in his state of the union address that democracy in the middle east will not look like ours. I said out loud, "You're fuckin' right it won't!"

I'm all for the alternative fuels. We should be running our cars on moonshine and rotting garbage.

DC Liar said...

I'm not sure if "anonymous" was being sarcastic or not, but I'm a sucker - I'll take the bait.
Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam did more to fracture the civil rights movement than any other individual or group. He was a zealot and a thug - 100 Spike Lee films won't change that fact.

Interesting post-script: His widow died at the hands of their grandson Malcolm Shabazz. Now THATS family values.

edP said...

I wonder if DC Liar was being sarcastic when he said "interesting post script"?

At any rate, let's not jump to any conclusions here. Mr. Shabazz may have had a perfectly good reason for killing his grandmother.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what his twelve year old grandson's arson (manslslaughter, for which he served 18 months: she died "at his hands" sounds a little more like strangulation/murder) has to do with Malcolm X's political work and views. Is there some sort of hidden link that illuminates his character through the actions of a descendant?
Even if you hate X, can you really state with a straight face that anyone else outside the movement (was NOI advocating civil rights or total separation?) such as George Wallace, the Klan, or a host of other indiiduals and organizations did less to fracture the movement? Didn't Malcolm X reach out both to whites and to King individually before he died? Wasn't he killed for just such things? Or did people like Farrakhan contribute to the climate that lead to his death because X was headed toward becoming too much of a partisan zealot for Elijah Muhammad's tastes?
Oh, and Coretta King. What a selfish bitch, making money off copyright! I mean, we know from all the wiretapping Johson did that that bimbo didn't pay her dues or tolerate any abuses from her spouse or country, right? How dare she make money off her husband's name!
I do (grudgingly) agree Cat Stevens is an idiot, in particular for agreeing to the death threats against Rushdie.

Kim said...

DC: For all my feminst ravings and convictions, it's crazily refreshing to see unbridled, unaplogetic hatred. Who/what is "epissy" so I can get the CD? My Olivia record label collection is growing old.

ED: Wasn't it Harry CHAPIN?
Little boy blue and the man on the moon, and whatnot?

Prairie Dawg said...

ed, next time this guy comes to town, can I party with you guys? Please?

edP said...

Kaka - once again, I failed at being funny with the Cats in the Cradle guy...

PDawg - yes I'll remember to call next time, if I'm sober enough to remember how to use a phone

annonymous - I'm glad we call all agree that Cat Stevens is an idiot.

edP said...

Dammit - I spelled anonymous wrong. Sorry eh.

Gundy said...

Personally, I'm just glad we found something that pisses them off as much as 9-11 makes our blood boil.

Who's up for a "Smear The Prophet Cartoon Club"?

Le Mat had some fun thoughts on the subject as well on Feb 4th.

(you bithces need to turn on your Permalinks)

Anonymous said...

The only thing that pisses me off more than Islamofascist clowns (especially ones who refuse to assimilate in cultures that have granted them a place to live and pursue livelihoods) getting pissed over cartoons is the misguided saps who insist on throwing some "equivalency" into the mix: "I don't care if its Islam or Jerry Falwell...." Jerry Falwell is certainly his own bufoon/cartoon, but neither he nor his followers threaten to literally behead people when they get "offended." When will people finally stop failing to make this distinction?

DC Liar said...

I can't leave well enough alone. Just when the shit-storm starts to calm down, here I come to stir up some more nonsense:

Q: ...George Wallace, the Klan, or a host of other individuals and organizations did less to fracture the movement?

- I would argue that the segregationist/hate groups did the most to unite the CR movement, despite themselves.
It wasn't until the White Power freaks came onto the scene that middle America started to take notice. The Birmingham church bombing and the Murder of the freedom riders (amongst numerous other incidents)is what caused average Americans to stand up for the Civil rights folks. By creating martyrs for the movement the segregationists sealed their own graves, and put the CR discussion at the forefront of the American conscience.

Q: Didn't Malcolm X reach out both to whites and to King individually before he died? Wasn't he killed for just such things?

- Yeah, By a Nation of Islam splinter-group. Mussolini also made a half-assed attempt to make amends before he was killed by his own people, but I don't think that makes him a great man.

- on the CSK thing (see "King for a Day" post from last week), I'll admit that I'm probably wrong (and do in the post). It's just something that's bothered me.
If only there were a History/PoliSci professor around to tell me I'm an idiot...

DC Liar said...

Point of clarification:
Anyone who has the misfortune of knowing me, knows that I love to get everybody riled-up and goad them into arguments.
All these rants should be taken with a grain of salt (if not a deer-sized salt-lick). After all, you are dealing with a site named "Lies and Exaggerations"

I don't mean any harm, but I do love smash open the jar full 'o' bees just to see what will happen.
As Lil' Bushie would say "Bring it on".

Chris B. said...

Just to add a little emphasis to your point, check out this Reuter's headline. It really puts things in perspective:

Three Die in Pakistan Cartoon Riots

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by accident, and saw this article, and I cannot just keep quiet after reading it.

Well maybe the muslims really over-reacted a bit on this issue, but, living in a Islam country (I am not a Muslim by the way) I seriously feel that you shouldn't generalised Muslims.

They are Muslim terrorists, yes. But there are many more normal people out there like you, what differs is just they have a different religion.

Someone said...