Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Not a "Team Player"

Yeah, I'm an e-pussy.
I just learned that the reason I've been doing so much work for the previously-mentioned entity is because this is a big-money client that we're trying like hell to land. I'd be screwed if (somehow) my damned blog queered the deal. Sorry.

Please accept this picture of the Cowboy Monkey as restitution for the pulled entry*:

* And Ed, feel free to make "pulled entry" jokes.


edP said...

Yes! And that's how you deal with work if they start asking you to do too much shit.

What're they gonna say? That guy overcame his fucking disabilities to come up w/ some great (and some bullshit) depictions of the gravitational forces in the universe using complex math relations for conic sections or some shit like that...(help guy with the really smart blog! - hell, I'll even take help from the actuary's blog)

Good for you DC Liar - and we have two couches for you to choose from...

Michael K said...

Fucking hilarious. Even better would have been to use a pic of Eric Cartman when he feigned retardation in order to get into the Special Olympics.

edP said...

Oh - just because we have two couches doesn't mean you can bring Drinky Joe. We're trying to raise our child in a bourbon free environment.

Gundy said...

If you want a place to get cheap (or free), royalty-free photos, try these:

Stock Xchange - Free

iStock Photo - Most web-resolution images are $1 each. I think print-res images cost no more than $5 each.

edP said...

I can't make any jokes as I am in awe of the cowboy monkey. He is my hero. He is my god.

tom o said...

can you post their reaction to the hawking photo?

DC Liar said...

Re: reaction to the hawking photo

They didn't get it. There was 30 seconds of awkward silence, before I said "It's a joke". Then I mumbled something about the ease of altering the lay-out, but needing a photo that we had rights to.

Then everyone agreed that jokes are funny, and that I should get back to work ASAP.

They ended up picking the one photo that wouldn't work with my original layout (wrong shape and background), so I had to start from scratch. And now I have to be into work at 7AM on Monday to do last-minute changes before it hits the printer's

Jokes are funny.

edP said...

I can't stop looking at the cowboy monkey.

I think I'm in love.