Wednesday, February 01, 2006

King for a Day...

Note (2/8/06): This is a re-working of an unpublished post that was written January 31st. The original came off as too confrontational, mean-spirited, and a little name-droppy. If I was smart I'd just let it die, but we all know better than that. I still feel that there are important issues that no one seems to be addressing, and it's driving me nuts.
I feel that Coretta Scott King has done more to hinder the civil rights movement than she has done to advance the cause. I realize that she was with MLK for the entirety of his civil rights work, but what she did after his death is wholly unacceptable. She (through her lawyers) has been the driving force in restricting all of MLK's speeches, writings, and image from any source not willing to shell out big money for the materials.

It seems that she has done more to obfuscate her late husband's message than she has done to promote it. Her litigious maneuvering has kept Dr. King's message out of numerous educational entities, Documentaries, and civil rights materials. It seems that her only consideration for the memory of MLK was how much money could be made off of his work. For Christ's sake, She even sold the "I Have a Dream" speech to Apple computers, and allowed them to fucking alter it, for a Super-Bowl commercial.

Am I wrong? Was it another Coretta Scott King that ran the MLK Foundation into the ground while becoming personally wealthy? Has she done anything vaguely helpful to advance her husband's work since his death? Because I don't see it.

Just because someone is related to an important figure, doesn't mean a god damned thing about that person as an individual (trust me). Your actions should determine your worth, not just who you fucked. That should be self-evident.

Anyone, anyone... hello? I guess I'm alone on this one.

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Michael K said...

Uh... You should stick to posts about the Puppy Bowl.

I was really hoping to get credit for who I fuck as my wife is way more successful than me.