Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm sure you've all heard about the fiascoes that went down at last night's State of the Union address. For all of you who are allergic to media, here's a brief synopsis: Cindy Sheehan (Ms. left wing darling) was arrested for wearing an anti-war t-shirt, and the wife of Congressman Bill Young (R-FL) was ejected for wearing a "Support our Troops" sweatshirt.

Left wingers are screaming "Censorship", and stretching the word "Orwellian" to its breaking point.

Right wingers are screaming "Overzealous Security", and accusing the Capitol Police of hating freedom.

I was at the State of the Union at the Capitol last night, was there for the whole fiasco (which I failed to notice), and all I have to say on the subject is: "Who the fuck wears a t-shirt, or sweatshirt, to the mother-lovin' State of the Union?" - Fucking peasants. Did they have to rush back from a tractor-pull to make it to the Capitol? This is the State of the Fucking Union, not a god-damned Hootie & the Blowfish concert - You fucking simps.

Now, don't get me wrong, I own a SHITLOAD (shirtload?) of t-shirts. I love my t-shirts, but have enough goddamn sense to know when they're appropriate, and when they're not. I'm constantly on Capitol Hill, but I wouldn't even THINK of going up here without a suit jacket. If it's 110 degrees out and I'm heading up to a laid-back reception; I'm in a suit. It's a simple matter of decorum. If you can't be bothered to dress appropriately, you shouldn't be granted entrance to the building; regardless of who you are.

I'd go so far as to implement a universal dress code for the Capitol Building. I can't count the number of fucking tourists parading through in shorts and flip-flops in the Summer months - It's a disgrace to the building and the ideals it stands for. The heart of our government should, at the very fucking least, be as picky as your average upscale titty-bar.

I know that these women weren't kicked out because of dress code, but if you go to an event like this in casual clothing you get what you deserve. I don't fucking believe that I even have to talk about this - it's ridiculous. Have a sense of decency you hillbillies, then we'll talk about your rights. Freedom of speech, my aching ass.


Kim said...

Last year, I went along with my boss and some other folks from my agency on Lobby Day to the capital in Hartford. All those representitives in "session." I was nervous--had my whole speech rehearsed. My rep never came out--bastard. But I was relieved.

This year, I'm not scared.
Tell me, what do they DO in there, in these "sessions?" Are they talking or pretending to talk or fuckin' around or saving the world?

And how come one of them looked like a Rip Taylor wax doll with a fake tan? Can you explain?

I guess this stuff gets to be old hat like anything else once you do it enough. Seems like spaceman land to me. I'd like to spend a week in your world.

I wouldn't wear a t-shirt to a State of the Union address.
Not even if it had a unicorn on it.

The Old Dog said...

I agree with you, but could you see fit to keep your pants on in my living room?

DC Liar said...

re: ...could you see fit to keep your pants on in my living room?


edP said...

You are a shirt censor, man. You want the whole world wearing certain kinds of shirts. Why don't you let the shirts be. I'm gonna wear a: "I was kicked out of the State of the Union speech for Wearing this T-Shirt and All I got was this Stupid Shirt" shirt.

My gut should adequately support my political statement.

DC Liar said...

Ed, I think you've got a money maker there. I'd buy one.

Jeanz said...

So, would you be okay with "Support Our Troops" spelled out in sequins on a black ball gown?

Prairie Dawg said...

I have a pair of "Support the Troops" briefs that I wear under my tuxedo to various diplomatic functions. They weren't originally meant to express a pro-war standpoint, but...

Michael K said...

You've got a point. Now will someone tell Ted Stevens to take off his fucking Hulk tie before I hang him with it?

Chris B. said...

I get the feeling that the only thing keeping W. from wearing a NASCAR t-shirt to the proceedings is Karl Rove.