Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Reason Why I'm an Idiot # 3028

I realize that the blog has been fairly sparse lately, but I've been slammed at work for the past couple of weeks. To make things worse; I did a web-page mock-up for a client meeting, thus alerting my firm of a hidden talent. Now the office has been tasking me with graphic design work (with more to come). Since the firm won't spring for Photoshop, I get to do all of that work from home. Fuck, I'm dumb.

Anyway, tonight after work I'm heading down to the Big Hunt for a few beers with the guys from Flogging Molly (Chaz's friends), and then I may check out their show tonight at the 9:30 Club. Tomorrow is My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult at Black Cat; until then I'm just working for the weekend (which I'll most likely spend working).


edP said...

Never - NEVER let work know you have a life outside of it.

"I can't keep giving you these free lessons." - Crash Davis

REASON 9,367 WHY I SHOULD BE SHOT! - quoting Bull Durham

Gundy said...

Let's just hope they don't ask you to make a sign asking your office mates to use a coaster at the board room table.

jes said...

Feel free to stop by my place tonight after Black Cat. My roommate is having an ice skating viewing party. Gay men + my flu= definitely NOT getting laid anytime soon. You'll fit right in.