Thursday, May 18, 2006

The First Rule of Hill Club...

I'm dying here.

I have A LOT of good "inside" stuff to write about, the only problem is that I can't.
Due to confidentiality agreements and the closed nature of my vocation I can't say a word on:
- Net Neutrality
- NSA Wiretapping
- Immigration Reform
- The '06 Midterm Elections
- Political Gossip
- Juicy Scandals


Maybe later I'll throw up a review of headphones (or some such shit).



Francis said...

The first rule is there are no rules in hill club!

Prairie Dawg said...

Now I gotta wait to remind you about this shit at some afterhours at Christmastime or something?

Michael K said...

You should start anothe blog called Jacking Abraham Off and post all this stuff there.

Lady Di )O( said...

You're a bastard.
I want the goods.

jes said...

Yay, I love headphones!

The Old Dog said...

You mean I won't see it on Chris Mathews or read it in USA Today today?

Please, let me hear it before I hear it through that useless fuckery.