Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Quickening

I seriously rock. I just upgraded the RAM in my desktop from 256MB to 1G. This is the first time I've cracked open a CPU case without the use of a blunt object and/or firearm - It feels good.
Many thanks go out to Gundy for helping answer my ultra-retarded questions on compatibility and installation ("There aren't going to be any poisonous snakes that will bite me in there, are there Craig?").

Everything is done, everything is working perfectly, and this mutha is running faster than a nitro-burning funny car now.
My next project today will be to paint flames and racing stripes on my CPU case.

Word to your motherboard.


darwin said...

Good job.

Unfortunately in my case early success lead me to try other things that didin't quite go so well...

Beware techno-hubris. lol

The Old Dog said...

Nice going! I only got mine up to 760MB, and then wondered afterward, "Why the hell didn't I just make it a gig?" I was very amazed that the thing not only worked after I touched its inerds, but much better.

Let's form a club of people who stand around computers with their guts hanging out, poking at them with sticks like a bunch of monkeys.

DC Liar said...


I was just going to add a 512 to my 256, but Gundy talked me into maxing it out since memory is so cheap now.
I got 2 customized 512s for under $100. Now I'm gonna dump the spare 256 into my work computer.

I'm still waiting for the CPU to start smoking, and light aflame, but so far it's been smooth sailing.

While I was in there I air-dusted out a shitload of dust bunnies roughly the size of one of Bill & Trixie's micro-hounds.
Those weren't part of the processor, were they Craig?

Jeanz said...

Definitely go with the flames & stripes. Last time I hurt myself badly enough to need a cane, I put flames & a Jolly Roger on it. Little Old Ladies, eat my dust!

Michael K said...

This post should be titled "The Dorkening."

Gundy said...

Hmmm, seems to me 'dorky' is a white slab of eyecandy that you can't upgrade.

When will I let it die?!?

Michael K said...

Whatever, nerd. Shouldn't you be trying to install linux on your x-box right now?