Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Lesson I Should Have Learned From Watching Cartoons

On my way to the subway this morning I actually slipped on a
motherfucking banana peel.
Before I reached my destination I encountered two more peels in my path.
Apparently, DC has a serious monkey problem on its hands.
Now I'm just hoping like hell that I don't get hit by any falling anvils
by day's end.

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edP said...

DC monkey problem eh? Somebody better start a blue ribbon commission to investigate. Here are some potential expert witnesses:

1. Magilla Gorilla
2. Dr. Zaeus (I love you Dr. Zaeus!)
3. Marcel
4. The Rally Monkey (just wait till the commissioners find out that #3 and #4 are the same monkey)
5. Jose Conseco
6. Michael J. Fox
(all these witness lists need a few celebrities to help make the news cylce)

Kim said...

You can sing "Rock me, Dr. Zaeus!" to the tune of Falco's Amadeus.
That should help you.

The Old Dog said...

I'd like to see the Girl hit you over the head with a frying pan, and then see your head in the shape of the frying pan.

Good news is that you can draw a door on a wall now and walk through it.

Michael K said...

I sometimes think that Josh and I are tied together by cosmic forces that ensure we come across the same litter in the streets. Whether it be chicken nones or Cheetos bags. I saw 2 banana peels while riding my bike to the gym today. Coincidence?

Michael K said...

P.S. Litterers apparently love Spicy Hot Cheetos and those little plastic barrels of juice.

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

I'll be super impressed if you can get your eyes to do that bugging-out-when-you-see-a foxy-lady trick.

edP said...

I've seen him do it. It isn't pretty...especially the A-OOOGA A-OOOGA part.