Thursday, May 04, 2006

Glad I Waited

Unedited Original 'Star Wars' films coming to DVD

I just couldn't bring myself to pick up the 'special'* edition set that came out a few years back.
* like retarded kids are 'special'


tom o said...

nice. i came close a couple times to plunking down for crappy used VHS copies.

this also counters the 3-D versions that will be released next year. 3-D technology still sucks. i saw that shitty underwater james cameron IMAX 3-D thing last year and i left with a headache.

Michael K said...

Yeah, I am always going to love George Lucas for giving me thos films when I was a kid but the special editions made me want to throw up. Maybe he was embarassed by go motion animation but I loved it then and I still do. CGI is great but that is this era.

I like a lot of music but if people started going back and putting hip hop beats on Dino songs (and then making them the only version you can buy) I'd fucking kill someone.

tom o said...

i really wished he would have made the new movies with the look and feel of the originals..instead of the other way around. there was some of that towards the end of 'sith' with the star destroyers and crap, but most of the effects/"sets" reminded me of 'fifth element'. horrible. supposedly there is ANOTHER special edition coming out with even more tweaking to make them all look the same.

DC Liar said...

I really liked 5th Element for what it was - Kitsch (and Milla Jovovich in an outfit made out of Ace bandages).

You're right though.