Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm Whipping Out the Meat Next Weekend

You heard right, next Sunday (the 28th) we're going to do a Memorial Day 'BBQ at Valley View'.

- Jerked Chicken
- More Sausage In Yer Face Than That One Time At the 'Man-Hole'
- Slow-Smoked Ribs (dep. on availability)
- Loads of Free Beer (thanx Dan)
- Vodka Limeade
- Jello Shots
- Sweet Tea and Bourbon
- Throwing Knife Contests
- Elise (from Chicago)
- Milo Getting His Head Humped by Peapod
and (of course) my drunken meat-stuffed self rambling on about what's wrong with the kids today.
Good times.

This is a 'go', rain or shine. If it is raining, be sure to bring a poncho, because I'm not letting you filthy animals into my house.
Oh yeah, make sure to remember that (as always) it's BYOBA*.

*Bring Your Own Body Armor


Jeanz said...

If there are no ribs, I'm not going.

KoolRock said...

You always whip out the Meat.....

Damn sound like a meat and drink lovers spread

Gundy said...

Don't forget... Smoke balls are NOT illegal and hence not subject to confiscation.

Michael K said...

This is probably a bad idea but I can't help thinking Josh might want to try this:

DC Liar said...

Wow, Mike.

That's the best performance I've ever seen outta a Mac.

edP said...

There was more than one time at the Man Hole.

And don't forget the time at the Bill Hole.

elisenator said...

don't think about serving me the jerked chicken when you whip out your meat.

edP said...


edP said...

What is wrong with the kids these days?