Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fuck Walgreen's

No, seriously. FUCK them.

God, I'm pissed. I know I shouldn't blog livid, but this is driving me fucking batty.

Let's take this from the beginning: I have a couple of prescriptions for allergies. I was tired of dealing with the DC CVSs (prescriptions were never ready on time, lines were always glacier-slow, pharmacists never spoke English, etc.). After a few months of that, my doctor urged me to switched to mail-order (after CVS lost the 3rd script he sent in). Things were great, I got my prescriptions at home, and saved about $40 every few months.

Just over a year ago My health care plan switched to Walgreen's Mail Service for all multi-month orders. This is when my own personal hell began.
I placed my order with them, paid my $50, got my pills, and then a few weeks later I was charged an additional $175 for NO FUCKING DISCERNABLE REASON.

Walgreen's reply: "We didn't charge you". I had to fax in my redacted credit card bill, and spend several hours on the phone getting this all straightened out. "Were sorry, there must have been a glitch in the system ". I was glad I caught it, and everything seemed to be back on track.
Then I put in my second order. There was a flurry of random charges and credits in varying amounts.
After another several hours on the fucking phone they said that everything was worked out and that there shouldn't be any more problems.
The third order (yes, I'm an idiot) The same god-damned thing happened. This time they flat-out refused to acknowledge that they had made these charges. They "lost" all of the faxes (3) that I sent them, and kept removing my dispute from their files. Fucking dirty thieving cocksuckers. I spent a good chunk of that week screaming at minimum-wage phone employees.

I finally told them to remove me from their files, and turned to my credit card company to void the excess charges, and disallow any more charges from Walgreen's. I even switched to over-the-counter brands (for a lot more money) to rid myself of the whole RX mess.

Today I check out my credit card bill to find another phantom $150 charge from Walgreens Mail.


I'm in salt-the-earth mode right now. I'm considering throwing a few mail/credit-card fraud lawsuits at them for sport. A couple of congressional hearings on how mail-order pharmacy companies prey on the elderly with fraudulent charges sound good to me. I'll have to bring up how mail-orders should be excluded from the medicare/medicaid drug benefit at the next PhRMA meeting. And don't you think it's about time someone looks into Walgreen's' property-hoarding in the Chicagoland area to stifle competition?

Fuck these flim-flaming cocksuckers. This is all-out-war.


The Old Dog said...

Wow. They ARE theiving asses.

O.K. But, for my sake, make sure that mail order hearing aid sales are excluded from your crusade. They tend to get lumped into the same category, for good or bad.

Michael K said...

Sounds like you could use a prescription for a few other pills. They all suck because they outsource their customer service to companies that hire retards. Go to a mom and pop shop of you want the good stuff.

Kim said...

Dear Walgreens,

You are killing J's buzz.
See me immediately!


The Old Dog said...

You would think that a company that sells drugs would make a young man like The Liar happy. It doesn't work that way.

edP said...

War Greens

edP said...

By the way - here is more evidence why drugs should not be legal. What if I was a mainlining junkie - I needed my fix and Walgreens was dicking me around like this.

Good ole reliable Alphabet City.

pinkmoons said...

I was searching the web to see if this happened to anyone else. I sent Walgreens Mail Service a CHECK along with my prescription and the dipshits actually CHARGED my order to an old debit card from another bank account that I had used maybe one time ages ago!!! The charge overdrafted that particular mostly empty checking account leaving me to pay overdraft fees when the stupid fuckers had a CHECK in the MAIL with the DAMN PRESCRIPTION!! Walgreens Mail Service is the suck-shittiest, stupidest, slowest, and most retarded way I've ever had to acquire my prescriptions and my stupid health insurance provider REQUIRES me to go through this method with these dumbshits every couple of months. I hate Walgreens Mail Service!!!

Pissed Walgreens employee said...

HA HA HA! Seriously though I am verry sorry for your incovience, and sadly as a Walgreens employee I say "DO IT!!" Walgreens claims to be all about the customers and employees, but they are only about themselves. They encourage employee promotion, yet most of the managers never worked at Walgreens before graduating college, and they'll throw you away in a second (and acuse you of stealing or altering so you can't find another job) if you look at them wrong, and they think they can get cheaper workers. Walgreens is not concerned about quality just how much money that they can get! I am sorry and I think someone should benifiet from thier B.S.!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Fuck Walgreens with a dog dick!! I wish Ledger was still around and could fire bomb those motherfuckers!!!!!!
Waited 3 god-damn weeks for an interview, then was told by some bitch who could not speak English that there was no training program after I had been promissed to go through training.
Fuck Walgreens and Fuck non English speaking fucks everywhere!!!
I hope to live long enough to watch you motherfuckers burn!
Burn Mexicans!
Burn Saudi's!
Burn Sweeds!
Fuck You All
straight to hell!!!

Anonymous said...

Walgreens runs ads on THE MSNBC TV
with kooks like Mattews! I will never go to a Walgreens as long as they advertise on MSNBC

hellbillybrick said...

I have had only one good Wallgreens experience in S Florida the one in 6 years and a hundred stores.They lie notoriously and are rude judgemental assholes .Hallendale will have you arrested if they do not lke your looks whileyou wait for meds.I saw it happen the cops came in cuffed him and that was it no explanation and I heard the pharmacist say that script was legitimate and the tech said so.