Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Post I Don't Remember Writing

Rocking out on the back porch with Drinky Joe.
We're hardcore.
I keep burping lighter fluid - Parlor trick gone awry.

- Sent From Blackberry Handheld -

Update - I have no memory of writing this one (or anything that happened after 11PM, for that matter).
Around 5AM I woke up on a lawn chair.
Good times.

I'll post a BBQ wrap-up sometime tomorrow.


The Old Dog said...

Even Drinky Joe should have the sense to take the flame away from you.

edP said...

DC says: "Parlotr trick gone awrwy."

Sounds like some of that lighter fluid went down the wrong pipe.

The Old Dog said...

Oh no. That was the right pipe.

Lady Di )O( said...

I love posts/ conversations/ road trips/ tirades/ knife throwing that you can't remember due to the booze. That's good stuff.