Friday, August 04, 2006

Ben Weasel Don't Like MySpace

Mr. Weasel just put up a hilarious rant against MySpace. He hit this one right between the eyes (& out of the park):
...I hate it. I hate people I don't even know calling themselves my "friends." I hate the site design, which looks like something you might expect from a cat-lover's Geocities page circa 1996. I hate the interminable loading times. I hate that almost half the profiles I visit (in a feeble attempt to feel like I'm not adding total strangers as friends) crash my browser because yet another pitiful goof had to load up his page with stupid band and celebrity photos and videos that he mistakenly thinks make him look more interesting than he is...
Click on the above text to read the rest of this exceptional diatribe from Chicago's favorite (or least favorite)* rock&roll curmudgeon.

*Depending on who you talk to, and/or what Steve Albini has said recently.


Kim said...

Was it, The Queers who sang "Ben Weasel, he's an asshole ... he's Ben Weasel he's so cool."

Yup, he's both.
That fucker has me feelin' all lame for having a MySpace page now, damn him, because -- he's right of course.

DC Liar said...

Yup - From the "Beat Off" album.
Once again, record store geeks unite!
A few years back a couple of friends convinced me to start up a MySpace page. I haven't touched it in years.

tom o said...

myspace is severely wack. although i do have mixed feelings about it for the band. our booker had us make one for booking purposes. i guess it's easier for promoters to hit one page with bio, .mp3's, etc all right there...instead of navigating through a bunch of different band webpage designs. i'll give them that...but just barely.

Kim said...

I think "Grow Up" is my fave Queers LP -- after a while, tho, The Queers get kind of, um queer.

Ok, record store geek: Which Parasites LP was "I'm Crazy Too?" off --shit, I don't even know if that's what it's called "You rolled right by on your way back from shock therapy ..." That one. I need to buy that again.

While we're on the punk pop stuff, I think one of fave songs is that hidden track off FYP's "Toliet Kids Bread" -- "Last night I had to throw you out of my car." That one.

"My Brain Hurts" probably takes the grand title for best Pop Punk LP of all time.
Did you ever see/listen to that Rockford band, Mulligan Stu? That guy Kevin's band.

Poor (my roomate) Frale -- I used to drive her nuts with the pop punk shit.

I thought they were kinda great.

Kim said...

"I thought they were kinda great."

Meaning Mulligan Stu.
What a way to dangle a sentence!

DC Liar said...

Kaka -

Love Songs for the Retarded is probably my favorite Queers Album, but I've been listening to their later album Pleasant Screams more than anything else (of theirs) lately.

"Crazy" was off of the Parasites album Punch Lines.

Never got into F.Y.P.

I saw Mulligan Stu a bunch of times at The Pit - Hell, they even played the record store (if memory serves).

I've listened to My Brain Hurts so many times it's tattooed itself into MY brain, but (over time) I've developed a great appreciation for Anthem for a New Tomorrow (which stands as my current favorite).

If you're looking for a really good (recent, but disbanded) pop-punk band, you should really check out The Lillingtons. They're incredible.

DC Liar said...

Oh, yeah... that:
I wholly concur that My Brain Hurts is at the way-top of the quintessential pop-punk albums list, but I think that the crown still belongs to The Ramones' Leave Home.

edP said...

Shit! Beat Off was the name of Bill Garver's live drum solos from the fB - his tribute to Moby Dick and Toad. I guess we'll have to change the name to Toady Dick.

edP said...

I heart Ben Weasle. If Bill and I ever get married, our processional is I Wanna be a bop bop bop

Lady Di )O( said...

You've treaded onto one of my favorite albums of all time. I shall admit it proudly. My Brain Hurts is heavenly shit wrapped in bacon WHILE listening to Robert Plant moan.

Oh fucking yeah.

I'm a lyrics gal and this album has some gems. Check 'em, yo.

'Cause you're sick and fucking
tired of being pushed 'round and 'round, up and fucking down, you wanna believe there's an answer- well there's not.

{continuing the 'answer' theme}

Consider the case of the woman whose faith helped her make it through. When she was raped and cut up left for dead in a trunk her beliefs held true. It doesn't matter if it's real or not, 'cause some things are better left without a doubt and if it works then it gets the job done. Somehow no matter what the world keeps turning, somehow we get by without even learning.

Do you believe in the lies that shape your world? Do you believe in your own fictitious immortality? The world won't end while you walk the Earth and when you realize that your life don't matter you'll turn to something to help you forget that you're only young once, old forever.

I suck.

The stupid look on your face. I can't handle refusing to change
and I can't handle the same old same old from you. 'Cause I'm sick and tired of you.

Damn right.

Lady Di )O( said...

The Lillingtons, eh?