Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mad Max Beyond Thunderbird

I'm going against the world on this one, and speaking up IN SUPPORT of Mr. Mel Gibson. It's not because I'm an uber-religious sort (I'm not), not because I have something against Jews (one of my best friends out here helps run the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs), not because I have something against the cops (nope, have a several police friends). It's because I (personally) know what kind of crazy shit people say when they're loaded.

I'm the king of whiskeymouth - While loaded I've said some of the craziest, most offensive shit I could imagine just to get a rise out of people. It's that little imp of the perverse that keeps whispering the worst thing I could possibly say at any given moment into my ear - And then I say it. If i'm bored I'll just start picking verbal fights for the hell of it, and if I don't like someone I'll start spewing filth until they get fed-up and leave. I'm a dick, but I'm an entertaining dick, so most people let it slide.

I also know that the "police" wildcard just ups the crazy level by a factor of 3. Showing a badge to a drunk is the social equivalent of pulling a pin on a grenade - something weird and ugly is gonna happen (ask any cop & get ready for some stories). I've known several people who've gotten tossed into the drunk-tank for verbally sparring with the men in blue; these aren't my rowdy friends (they know the dance), but (mostly) normally timid girls that just lose their shit at an inopportune moment.

Add this shit together with a movie-star ego, a father with anti-semantic beliefs, the heat, and shake. I'm amazed that no one was shot.

There's my two cents, for what it's worth*. If you don't like it, you can go suck off some syphilitic homeless Jew, Sugartits.
*'my two cents' redeemable for 1/1000 of a cent


Meat Head said...
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Meat Head said...

Homeless Jew!!!!!

bigsoda said...

Thing is... When someone pulls that holier-than-thou shit and then falls hard, it makes me really happy. So, the Passion of the Mel makes me practically giddy. I may be a drunk asshole, but at least I'm not a faker.

edP said...

DC Liar is clearly winning the battle of the titles. Mad Max Beyond Thunderbird is going to win something at the e-pissy-espys (not the name of the nonexistent e-pissy award show)

F1.4 said...

Amazing how much people give a shit what actors think at all, let alone when they are drunk. If people let themselves be offended by a drunk driving asshole with an open drink in the car, fuck em, they deserve to be offended and worked up about it.