Sunday, August 20, 2006


Whatta day:

EdP's first Cubs game - The Cubbies lost at the top of the 1st, but it still was a great time (except for my sunburned kneecaps)

Wrigleyville shoppin' w/ The Girl

Drinkin' with Gunderson

Home early (No MOTO - except for on the stereo on the ride back)

And The Old Dog's sage prophecy: "Josh's last words will be -Sent From Blackberry Handheld-"

- Sent From Blackberry Handheld -


bigsoda said...

Wish I coulda been there... I'll scan the Tivo to see if you guys got on camera.

edP said...

Great time and much love baby. bigSoda, we are on the Tivo....but unless you want to see with my tongue in DC's ear and my thumb in Old Dog's butt (or did I have that the other way around?)...I'd skip it

To quote Johnny Drama: Great fucking day.

bigsoda said...

Your mic's still on, Ed...