Monday, August 14, 2006

Vacation Zen

I just realized that this blog has come to a screeching halt since I've been back in Illinois. I'm blissing out here, and really haven't had any reason to tangle with the interwebs for the last few days. If anyone gives a damn, here's my daily breakdown:
- Lots 'o' shootin
- Lots 'o' swimmin'
- Tons of good food (whenever I get around to eating)
- Near-lethal amounts of liquor
- Romping through nature

That's about it.

ChrisB's party kicked some serious ass. I made a point to impose on the hosts until the beer was dwindling, and they threatened to call the cops to get me offa their back lawn. It was great to see all of the e-pissers out in force.

I've had people out shooting over the last couple of days and it has been a fucking blast (literally). Any coconuts or cantaloupe that find themselves in the general vicinity should make their peace with God... Quick.
Everything is going great except for my two incredibly sore thumbs (Mossberg related), and itchy legs (bugs & poison ivy related). I'm rockin' it hard.

I need to find a place out here with a wi-fi connection to get my laptop a-goin', then I'll be able to get some pics and other fancy-crap up here. Until then, I'm stuck in dial-up land - Rockin out with my Glock out.


jhc said...

Dear Lord:
An inebriated angel told me I could find you here. Please save my green guts. Thank you.
J. Honeydew Canteloupe

edP said...

They quickly become HoneyDON'T canteloupes when they see Mr. Liar and Mr. Paulie w/ shotguns.

Me? The fruit just laughs at me.

Steener said...

What about the head of lettuce? It took the worst beating of all.

The Old Dog said...

In our defence, it was either us or the head of lettuce.

The Old Dog said...

Hey! I just reminded myself, looking at my profile picutre, that I was packin' heat a LONG time ago!

big sky said...

I am so bummed about missing Steener shoot a firearm. I hope someone has a picture.

Lady Di )O( said...

I'm seriously bummed about missing the shooting games, but happy to have hung with the Liar enough to have him take a big knife to my head.

Good times, good times...

Kim said...

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Thursday!

I'm shitting myself with excitement.

Okay, back to Josh ...

Chris B. said...

I have wi-fi. And your bag. And about 40 (not exaggerating) mosquito bites. And a near-full bottle of Bookers.

Good luck to Kaka with the teeth thing.