Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meet the Beetle

Last week this little guy tried to help The Girl with her Prince of Persia game. She trapped him under an ashtray and kept on a-playin'.
About a half-hour later I went downstairs to see what provoked the latest ear-shattering obscenity stream and furious pounding/smashing. I saw the ashtray on the floor, picked it up, came face-to-face with this agitated razor-pronged beastie, and yelped like a kicked puppy. The Girl paused her game to laugh at me.
So, I did the one thing I could to restore my magnificent masculinity - I gingerly picked up the beetle, named him Mr. Pincers, grabbed my camera, arranged some props, set up some external lighting, and gave him a super-fabulous photo shoot.

I just got around to throwing up his Glamour Shotz on my Flickr page, along with the Cupboard Pope and some other random photos. Check 'em out.


edP said...

I'm so proud that it wasn't you who provoked the "latest ear-shattering obscenity stream and furious pounding/smashing."

Jeanz said...

As I was leaving for work yesterday I was accosted in my own driveway by a vicious cicada. I swore and did a 30-second jig (out of fear it would get up my pantleg).

Today I commence my war on Terra.

The Old Dog said...

You must find a way to put clothes on that thing.

Kim said...

I started Prince of Persia, put it down in favor of The Sims -- HATED the Sims, forget to pick up the Prince again ... you think I should? Seriously, it is good?

DC Liar said...

Kaka - The Girl is the gamer in our house, but she seems to be WAY into the series.

Here's what I know form what she said when she wasn't cursing, or smashing a controller:
1 - 'Sands of Time' - She liked this one a lot, but was constantly screaming at the camera AI.
2 - 'Warrior Within' - According to her every other song on this one was Godsmack. She WASN'T diggin' it. Also, this one is REALLY hard (even on the 'easy' setting. Stock up on spare controllers
3 - 'The 2 Thrones' - She's way into this one, and seems to be getting through it fairly well (as evidenced by the lack of shrieks/shrapnel flying up from the basement.

Apparently, all the story lines are intertwined, and I'm sure that she'd recommend playing all 3 in order. I just enjoy the random outbursts like "I'll cut off your tits, you demon whore" coming up through the floorboards.

The Girl said...

Kaka - The DC Liar said I should commement on The Prince too, but it looks like he did a fine job himself. I don't know which one you are playing but all I can add is:

Sands of Time is great. It has a nice story-book charm to it, but it also has a few frustrating moments. Definetly the best one. Actually has some character development.

Warrior Within was difficult, frustrating and has a very dark nature. Playing this game felt like work. There's too much Heavy Metal and the female characters in this game need some damn clothes.

The Two Thrones is fun again. It's much easier to play. They added Chariot races and speed kills to this one. Decent character development.

They are a trilogy, but honestly, you could skip Warrior Within. I guess thATS IT.