Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ohio Does NOT Rock

I'm stuck in a huge fucking construction delay. This bites ass.

- Sent From Blackberry Handheld -


Jeanz said...

Have a jerky, you'll feel better.

Not that, you sick bastards!

The Old Dog said...

Oh, you know that he's doing that!

edP said...

while eating actual jerky

Kim said...

Do you love it?

Kim said...

1. If I ever get a crazy, drunken message on my machine like that again, I'm kicking your ass.

10:30 PM he calls -- I live in NEW ENGLAND, fer fuck's sake. I have cows to milk, stonewalls to build and apple-muthafuckin-butter to churn in the morning. Punk.
(But seriously: Bummer is, due to either my shit-phone or bad cell signal, half of your message was cut out -- I heard something about "hard liquor," "saving quarters for plane fare," and that was about it.)

2. Do not get cable phone. It sucks. I WAS home but the fucking ass phone was not ringing!