Tuesday, August 15, 2006

L&E Endorsement #1

I wholly endorse the Iogear wi-finder.

Why, you may ask, have I stooped to cheap endorsements? Well this thing is idiot proof. Not so far as it's function (which is also idiot-proof), but this thing is GENUINELY idiot-proof.

I picked this thing up a few days ago, and took it out on the town to try and figure out some spots where I could find the internets tubes.
The next morning I was emptying out the dryer and heard the 'ping-ping' of batteries hitting the bottom of the dryer.
Fuck me. I washed AND dried my wi-finder.
I just pictured a twenty dollar bill with a halo and little angel wings ascending upward.

I figured it had to be ruined, but (just for the hell of it) I reassembled it and gave it a shot.

If this thing can survive my stupidity, then this thing can survive anything. It works fine, and I just used it to find the signal (in the Annex) that I'm using now.
Whoa, a wi-finder that points me toward drinkin'. Maybe this thing is evil. That would explain everything.

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