Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Definitive Drinky Joe

I've just finished loading all of the Drinky Joe goodness up onto Flickr. We're talking over 300 pictures of couch crashing good times spanning almost 2 years. Get yourselves some.


Queenie said...

Thanks for the CDs, man.
Now my collection is complete!

Chris B. said...

1. I love Drinky Joe's slipper shots. Super hot.

2. He must have about 3 million t-shirts. I went a while without seeing a double.

3. I notice that he almost never has a standing drink. At least he's not a booze waster. ("One more before I fall asl.....")

4. A good trick would be to replace the couch with his bed (and vice versa) while he was out one night. I'd be curious to see how he handles that.