Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hell Trip

It's approximately 170 miles from DC to Williamsburg. Yoohoo Maps approximated our total travel time at just under 3 hours. Yoohoo Maps are a bunch of filthy lying sons of whores.
It took us SEVEN fucking hours to get here due to the obscene holiday travel rush. After 4 hours on the road, I looked down at the odometer and realized that we had only gone 54 miles - I then spent the next 15 minutes screaming at the top of my lungs about averaging 13.5 miles per hour while punching wildly at the roof and swearing. Fuck that.
The last 100 miles were relatively smooth, but the first 70 were pure hell. Come Saturday, we're waiting until 11PM to leave in hopes of missing the rush back North.


The Old Dog said...

Throw that Yoohoo map out the window!

edP said...

You're travelling like they did back in Coloial Williamsburg times eh. Very authentic.

You're going to shoot me aren't you

Chris B. said...

A recreation of your trip?

DC Liar said...

I wish that my trip was that awesome.
I need to retain the Cohen brothers as my travel planners.