Monday, November 13, 2006

Notice of Intent to Post

This last week I've had plenty to say, but am waiting to see how things shake out (over several fronts) before I start torching bridges. I'm keeping my yap shut (for a change) until then.
Maybe I'll throw out some fun (read: asinine) crap up here in the next couple of days just to keep the eLights on here at L&E. I promise... Maybe.

Go Bears!


edP said...

Finally saw Thank You For Smoking this weekend. Best lines I've ehard in awhile:

Michael Jordan plays ball
Charles Manson kills people
I talk.

Feel free to nuke these comments

edP said...

I've heard...not ehard. Yeeesh

Queenie:Twirling and Twirling and ... said...

Dear Shooty:

You damn Shooty!
I look foward to your postings.
Now this ... break?
I hate you Shooty.

Queenie Weenie

Lady Di )O( said...

Dear Shooty:

You dear Shooty!
I look forward to you postings.
Do you like The Guana Batz? I like the CD of theirs I'm listening to. I also like Shooty Fall CD and old Shooty, Girl and Milo Holiday CD.
I love you Shooty.

Bob Way

DC Liar said...

Yeah, I love all of the old UK psychobilly. I have tons of Meteors, Guana Batz, Demented are Go, Frantic Flintstones, etc.