Saturday, November 18, 2006

Extreme Blog Makeover Redux

After about 6 months of procrastinating, I took some time today and finally figured out how to fancy-up my lame-ass blog. Now it's faggoted-up like a 12 year old goth girl's MySpace page 'cuz I's got mad skillz with the HTML. I even updated my icon - Here it is full size:

Sweet, huh? I know you all are super-jealous.

What the Hell is it?
The background is a close-up of the (very dusty) seat on my Vespa 50 Special, and the header is a photo of a L&E stencil I put together (which turned out cooler than the photo of the actual stenciling)
with the tagline photoshopped in.


edP said...

I love the extreme blog makeover, but where is the Sears logo?

Frank (Aka Dan) said...

Hey, I've seen that tatoo before...

United Airlines