Wednesday, November 22, 2006

(I'm Havin' a) Colonial Thanksgiving

The Girls parents just bought a house down in Williamsburg, Virginia, so we're heading down there over the holiday weekend. I have loaded up ye olde Es-Yu-Vee with beaver pelts that I hope to trade with the red Indians for some farmable land. I have also taken great measure over the last fortnight to hone my butter-churning and candle-making skillz to better blend in with the white settlers down there once we are established.
Just like our pilgrim forefathers I will be participating in the most rudimentary form of communication since the advent of movable type, I am (of course) referring to mobileblogging, gentle reader. I will also be equipped with my portrait box, and hope to post onto the Flickr extensive documentation of my travels. Above all, I'm anxiously looking forward to hunting the ferocious ocean bear (commonly known as 'porpoise') with my olde tyme AK-47 model firestick. I just pray that The Girl's mother knows how to prepare this delicious beast for our holiday feast.

Yours in Christ,
Ye Lyar ov DC


The Old Dog said...

Pray thee, torment us no longer with your colonial Williamsburgness. Scribe the Magna Carta on your Magnadoodle and enjoy your feast.

edP said...

I'm just glad the girl's parents didn't move to Roanoke. That place is impossible to find.

edP said...

I heard you're supposed to turn left at Croatia