Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Erection Day

I know, it's a cheap joke, so I figured that it deserved an equally cheap post. I was gonna do a cheap 'Asian Arert!' clip here, but decided to go even cheaper with an Amazon search result instead.
I present the (semi)exhaustive list of song titles containing the term 'erection'.

The Liar's top 5:
5- Blephegor - Demonic Staccato Erection
4- Bitter Tongues - I Don't Miss You, I Miss My Erection
3- Burning Brides - Overhead Metal Erection
2- John F. Kennedy (Spoken) - Erection of the Berlin Wall
1- Les Barker - Dachshunds With Erections Can't Climb Stairs

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Lady Di )O( said...


I love my new Shooty CDs!!