Thursday, November 30, 2006

Danger Chicagoland; Danger, Danger, Danger!

Okay kids, here's the deal:
I'm still in limbo about what to do with the rest of my fucking life, but the field is narrowing. It looks like the travel thing is out, due to the fact that I'm broke as a joke. The job field in DC isn't really yielding much, but I have a bunch of folks out scouting for me. I did get offered a job in the State Department, but I really don't want to work in the administration at this point, and the hours in a job like that will kill you. Meh. I'm in no big hurry; I'll still be drawing a paycheck throughout February, and I renegotiated my lease up to April 1. Therefore, I'm holding off on making a final decision until late January.
I've decided to start shopping out my resume in the Chicago metropolitan region, and am planning on coming back for a long stretch to do so. I may be back as soon as next week, all I'm waiting for here now is my holiday bonus (if I'm even getting one) and for Cabelas to ship my ammo for the SOCOM and the M16 (no, seriously).
I'll post up the details as soon as I get 'em.


OleKobe said...

I know someone at URISA. They are an assn. based in Park Ridge. If you want, I can ask her if they have any openings.

The Old Dog said...

Oh, yeah! Things are just a little more fun and dangerous with you around!

You'll be slaving away at some other job in no time. I'll find a rewarding career elswhere.

edP said...

One word - plastics.