Monday, September 24, 2007

Calling All Geeks...

I'm about ready to switch my primary PC (desktop) over to a Linux operating system (Ubuntu or Debian).
Is there anything I need to know before pulling the trigger?
How will my saved Windows artifacts translate on the new OS?
I have a bunch of MS Word docs, a shitload of WMA music files (59,908 to be exact), and a collection of other crap I've accumulated via the MS OS.
Plus, how will my other software (specifically, Adobe CS3/Premiere programs) work with this new format?

If I'm about ready to shoot myself in the foot, please let me know ASAP.

Note: In case of a worst-case scenario, I do have a back-up EHD and a laptop that I'm keeping on the Windows OS.


Chris B. said... has a Linux version that will handle your MS Office docs. Plus, it's free.

Here are a couple of articles on converting to Linux:

A typical Windows user and his issues with Linux.

This might be helpful after the conversion.

And another "how to" guide for making the switch.

Let me know how it goes...

tom o said...

CS3/Premiere won't work. there's open source programs for that, GIMP for photoshop, etc. also, you can try windows emulator - WINE to run premiere...not sure how good that will be though.

also, keep a windows machine with internet access handy when you install because you will most likely run into driver issues.

tom o said...

also, you can just burn a live CD of ubuntu and boot to it to check out the OS. if you don't like it, take the CD out and reboot back to windows. no harm done.