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What I'm Listening To - Fall 2007

I started this post back on Thursday - It's Monday (the 10th) now. I spent the weekend shopping for a new printer due to the fact that my old one shit the bed while I was printing out the artwork for this new WILT. Fucking printers.

For the first WILT of the third series I've decided to move the releases up by one month. Here's the new WILT release schedule: Fall = early September, Winter = early December,
Spring = early March, Summer = early June.

I know that excuses and schedules are fucking hot reading, but this one really doesn't need much "rah-rah". It's really fucking good. A lot of old stuff, a lot of new stuff, and substantially more full-throttle rock than the last few. It goes a little somethin' like this:Liner Notes:
1) Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - Johnny Appleseed
from the 2001 album Global A Go-Go
This track really doesn't go with the tone of the rest of this WILT, but I had to put it somewhere as a tribute to the (now canceled) John From Cincinnati. I fucking loved that show - This is the song from the opening credits. The only place it would fit was at the top of the order. It's a pretty damned good lead-off.
2) Mondo Generator - Meth, I Hear You Callin'
from the 2003 album A Drug Problem That Never Existed
Great noise track from Nick Oliveri's post Kyuss/Q.O.T.S.A. project.
3) The Dwarves - Massacre
from the 2004 album The Dwarves Must Die
The Dwarves doing a white-boy rap-battle hip-hop throw-down track. Somehow, it works. P-Dawg and Old Dog take note - This is how it's done, motherfuckers.
4) The Beltones - Fuck You Anyway
from the 1999 album On Deaf Ears
Great track from an out-of-print record. I have really liked these guys since their EP days, but no one else seems to have taken much notice. Their loss.
5) The Bouncing Souls - Letter From Iraq
from the 2006 album The Gold Record
Read the lyrics. They were written for the Bouncing Souls by a Iraq war vet (either a fan or a friend). This song gives me goose-bumps every time I hear it, and I'm a jaded fuck.
6) Bad Religion - All Good Soldiers
from the 1993 album Recipe for Hate
I've really been digging the new BR album New Maps of Hell, but this one (from 14 years ago) is more topical. It was written in response to Gulf War I, but the lyrics fit the current Iraqi incursion much better.
7) Stiff Little Fingers - Wasted Life
from the 1979 album Inflammable Material
Another condemnation of pointless wars. This one comes from 1970's Ireland. Some things are timeless.
8) Against Me! - White People for Peace
from the 2007 album New Wave
This track from their new major label debut was featured on my video WILT awhile back. I'm really loving the new record, but have a bad feeling that they'll either get huge (ala Green Day), or break under their new contract (ala Jawbreaker). I'm hoping that they gain a few new fans, fulfill their contract, then re-sign with an indie, and go back to their roots (ala Bad Religion). Wait and see...
9) Pinhead Gunpowder - Life During Wartime
from the 1997 album Goodbye Ellston Avenue
Speaking of Green Day. This is Billie Joe Armstrong's side project with the guys from Crimpshrine. This band goes all the way back to his Lookout days in 1992. I'm always amazed that no one knows about this side-project, and I've always admired Armstrong for keeping this little band alive through his mega-star years.
10) The Methadones - Starting Line
from the 2007 album This Won't Hurt...
Another brand-new one. I'm all about this new Methadone record, and already have tracks from this one slated for the next few WILTS.
11) Bhopal Stiffs - Bottle it Up
from the 1988 EP E.P.A.
Larry Damores' proto-Pegboy project. After my house burned down, I searched all over Chicago for replacements of this band's records. I had to wait for eBay to be invented before I completed my task. A few years back Harmless Records released an anthology (linked above). Any fan of 80's Chicago punk should definitly check it out.
12) Tiger Army - Ghosts of Memory
from the 2007 album Music From Regions Beyond
This one's off of the new Tiger Army record. I don't know why, but as soon as it starts getting cooler out and the leaves start to change I find myself listening to more and more rockabilly. Every year, same thing.
13) The Cramps - Human Fly
from the 1984 album Bad Music for Bad People
My favorite DeKalb crazy was the 'Human Fly' (ask anyone who has worked at the Grotto). If you're squeamish stop reading now. Seriously. You were warned - This guy used to sneak into the wank-booths in the back of the porno shop and lick the walls. Classy.
14) The Misfits - Astro Zombies
from the 1982 album Walk Among Us
Fall (x), Halloween (y), Misfits (z).
y/x. y-z = >Suck.
15) The Lillingtons - Zombies
from the 2006 album The Too Late Show
I've been saving this track from the final Lillingtons record for almost a year for inclusion in this mix. It was first in line.
16) Tim Armstrong - Among the Dead
from the 2007 album A Poet's Life
This is off of the brand-spanking new release from Mr. Armstrong (Rancid, Operation Ivy, Transplants). I picked this up on a whim back in D-Town (Target had the CD + bonus DVD for $9.99), and I'm really digging it.
17) Cop Shoot Cop - Migration
from the 1993 album Ask Questions Later
A few seasons back there was this weird fucking Under Armor Nike commercial featuring various athletes (including Urlacher) dressed up in gladiator bondage masks. I was convinced that the background music was J.G (Foetus) Thirlwell. I drove myself mad endlessly going through my music collection trying to find that song that I knew I had. A couple of years later I was listening to this Cop Shoot Cop album and that fucking track came on. I had the wrong band. I'm putting it on here because 1) I really like the song & 2) Now I relate this song to #54, and nothing sez "Autumn" like football.
18) Pailhead - I Will Refuse
from the 1988 album Trait
A nostalgia track from ye olde Wax Trax days. This is Ian (Minor Threat/Fugazi) MacKaye's collaboration with the guys from Ministry. I have now idea how this project between Mr. Straight-edge and the two most drugged-out degenerates in the northern hemisphere ever worked... but it did.
19) Zero Boys - Civilizations Dying
from the 1982 album Vicious Circle
This band is one of the few good things that ever came out of Indiana. It's probably also what killed 'em. Back in the early 80's these guys were the Indianapolis punk scene. They released one great album and then faded into obscurity. Until in the mid 90's when the new wave of popular punk bands kept listing 'em as an influence. They reunited and released a couple more records, but nothing that ever captured the raw energy of this album.
20) Turbonegro - Boys From Nowhere
from the 2007 album Retox
Track 10 from the brand-spanking-new Turbonegro CD. They're kicking off their new world-tour in Chicago on the 19th - Go fucking see 'em. They put on one hell of a show.
21) Dillinger Four - Portriat of the Artist as a Fucking Asshole
from the 1998 album Midwestern Songs of the Americas
This might be of interest only to me, but there was only one (1) album that was featured on both the Summer '07 WILT and this (next) Fall '07 WILT. This is it - D4's Midwestern Songs of the Americas and both tracks are in the '21' slot -Weird.
22) McLusky - That Man Will Not Hang
from the 2004 album The Difference Between Me and You is That I'm Not On Fire
It's been awhile since I put a McLusky track on a WILT. This is long over-due.
23) Thug Murder - Double Fist
from the 2001 album The Thirteenth Round
Where's the J-Pop? You ask. This is as close as we're gonna get on this one. Thug Murder is an all-girl group from Japan, but they're fucking tough-as-nails (and not the press-on variety). They all look like they just rioted their way out of an old Pinky Violence movie. I love them.
24) The Ramones - Smash You
bonus track from the 2002 re-issue of the 1984 album Too Tough to Die
I'm really glad that I'm obsessive completest record-nerd. Otherwise, I would have scoffed at buying a reissue of an album I hated. Apparently, this song was way too good to make it onto the original. I really really like this track. The rest of the album...
25) The Riverdales - Two-Headed Girl
bonus track from the 2006 re-issue of the 1995 Self-Titled album
Wow, Two re-issue bonus tracks in a row. One from The Ramones and one from the band that formed to record another great "Ramones" record 'cause the original wasn't cutting it. Whoa; Cosmic.
26) The Falcon - The Angry Cry of the Angry Pie
from the 2006 album Unicornography
Ed sez "More Falcon", I jump. This is the first track off of their latest record. I had to include it for the "Wind Beneath My Wings" breakdown alone.
27) Murder City Devils - Demon Brother
from the 2000 album In Name and Blood
Another great Autumnal track from the MCDs. Fits this mix like a bloody glove.
28) Shellac - Elephant
from the 2007 album Excellent Italian Greyhound
I hated this album at first. That's not a big deal - I hate all Albini albums the first few times through, but they always grow on me without exception. Now I'm really digging it (except for one track that still drives me nuts). Like with 1000 Hurts, you should buy the LP version - It's the same price as the CD version & the CD is included in the LP packaging. God love Steve Albini, King of vinyl nerds.
29) Fuckemos - Pussies Fly In Planes
from the 1998 album Black Hellicopters
This track is a love note to cross-country touring. I fucking love it, and it has worked its way onto my "madatory road-trip tracks" list. Great song to end on.

I'm not gonna waste any more time telling you how good this one is - you should already know.

Speaking of things you should know:
1) It's FREE
2) I'm only doing fifty (50) of these
3) Shoot your mailing address to dclies(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll mail you out a copy
4) First come, first served

And... GO!


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