Friday, September 14, 2007

What I'm Drinkin'

Genuine Absinthe I'm a huge fan of the thujone, and luckily I have a steady stream of friends and family traveling through Europe that are kind enough to keep me in the good stuff. I'm planning an Absinthe video post soon - keep a look-out for it.

Chartreuse & Tonic
It might sound like a girly-drink, but this is a serious cocktail.
Don't believe me? Just grab a Ouija board and ask Hunter S. Thompson - This was one of his favorites (and he seemed like a pretty "together" guy).

Thai Red Bull & Mongolian Vodka
I use the original Krating Daeng energy drink (which was later tamed for western pallets and re-named 'Red Bull') along with Chinggis vodka and a slice of ginger for this dangerous libation. Thai Red Bull is essentially Red Bull syrup, and the Mongolian vodka kicks in with the ginger for a unique eastern western style cocktail.
I alternately call this mix "Celestial RB&V" and "Liquid Crime".

Knob Creek Old Fashioneds
The name says it all. One of the best drinks from the get-go with a spicy bourbon upgrade.
The reason that the cherry is green in this picture is that I bought green maraschino cherries (for some unknown point-of-purchase reason).

New Glarus 'Totally Naked' Lager
My new favorite summer beer.


bigsoda said...

I've been on a Lagavulin kick lately. The stuff smells like dirt and campfire when you first get close to it. The taste is unlike any other scotch I've ever had (in a good way). It's almost like booze and salty snacks all rolled into one...

edP said...

Love the totally naked

DC Liar said...

I made, photographed, and drank each drink last night (including 2 extra Absinthes, 1 extra Chartreuse & tonic, and 2 more bottles of beer). Before I went to bed, I decided (for some unknown drunken reason) to give myself an olde-tyme Deadwoodesque facial-hairstyle.

Don't drink and shave.

Chris B. said...

The Totally Naked is one of the best beers available in my estimation. Simple deliciocity.

I've fallen out of love with Knob after one bottle, but I can see where it would be perfect in an old fashioned. Also, I've never tried absinthe. I'm guessing I'd like it...

The Old Dog said...

I hate that I've neglected the blogs. I'm now sitting in the public libray catching up on them, looking at these rich, gorgeous photos and really very much wanting a drink.