Saturday, September 22, 2007

NFL Week 3 Picks

Jets over Dolphins
Someone's gotta win this one. I like NY to get their first win on home-turf.

Lions over Eagles*
The Beagles really need to win this one to keep their (normally tolerant) fanbase from storming the "Linc" with torches and pitchforks. I'm helpin' 'em here - I've gotten burned betting against Detriot the last 2 weeks. Now that I've picked the Lions, you can pencil Philly in for the win.
Postgame: Told you. My theory is that the butt-ugly Philly throwback uniforms blinded Detroit (and they played like it).

Steelers over 49ers
The first 2 & 0 / 2 & 0 match-up on the board. Not all undefeateds are created equal - I like the Steelers at home.

Patriots over Bills
New England. Period. End. Until I see some reason to doubt the Pats, I'm not gonna dare pick against 'em.

Buccaneers over Rams
I'm done with the Rams. Both weeks I've picked 'em and they've screwed me. Garcia should pull this one out at home.

Ravens over Cardinals
The battle of the birds. I'm hoping that Boller starts at QB this week in Baltimore, but I think that in this match-up of D's you've gotta go with the proven team.
Postgame: I can't believe that the Cards pulled Leinert for Warner (and that the old man almost pulled the upset). Someone should tell Lovie that it's okay to pull bad quarterbacks to give the team a chance to win.

Colts over Texans
Houston looks really good this season - Indy is really good. Big difference.

Chargers over Packers
The Pack is back (fuck!). Norv Turner is a joke (trust me, I had to suffer through his tenure following Schottenheimer out here in DC - Look for SD to follow the pattern and bring in Steve Spurrier after a couple of seasons). I'm just hoping that San Diego is much better than they look right now - This is their test of mettle. If Green Bay wins this one, I'll be even more pissed at Grossie (for week 1).
Postgame: The Pack is good, and the Chargers are screwed under Norv. I'm really fucking embarrassed that the Bears couldn't beat this turd in Week 1.

Vikings over Chiefs
I really think that KC is the worst team in the NFL right now. I gotta go with the Norsemen.
Postgame: On a plus-note, The Bears aren't alone at the bottom of the NFC North Rankings.

Raiders over Browns
Toss a coin on this one. I don't think that Oakland's defense will allow another 50+ point game for the Cleveland Steamers. I'm just not sure if the Raiders offense is good enough to win. I'm (begrudgingly) going with the home-team.

Broncos over Jaguars
2 good teams - another coin-toss. I'm going with the home-team (again).

Seahawks over Bengals
Once Cincinnati gets a defense, give me a call. Holmgren really needs to justify his salary at home. I'm pickin' Seattle.

Redskins over Giants
Set this one in stone. Crybaby Eli is gonna be struggling against the Skins' pass-defense. Speaking of defense, NY doesn't have one. This game is going to be the toughest nail for Coughlin to push out of his coffin.
Postgame: The Giants picked one hell of a day to have their defense take the field. Knock out two coffin nails for Coughlin.

Panthers over Falcons
The only real question with this one is whether (Atlanta QB) Harrington will stay in the game for all 4 quarters.

Cowboys over Bears
Here's my "Fuck Rex" pick of the week. Grossman's career is potentially riding on this one game, and he's proven time and time again that he's worse than horrible under pressure. If the Mental Midget stays in this one all the way through, he'll get the Dallas game ball. On the plus side, if Grossie goes "bye-bye" I'll have infinitely more faith in a successful post-season.
Postgame: I really, really, really wish that I had been wrong on this one - I wasn't. And to all of the Grossman apologists out there; 1 decent scoring possession does NOT overcome 3 interceptions. Bench him if you want to glimpse the postseason.

Titans over Saints
I'm really tempted to pick the Saints to win in their home opener, but the momentum of these two teams (Titans up, Saints down) is too strong to ignore.

*Wrong picks in RED.


edP said...

Rams without Orlando Pace - - stay off 'em

edP said...

Grossman stood up and played well in a "must win" game against the Rams last year.

Now, the Cowboys have a much better D than the Rams last year...

My biggest concern about the game tonight is no Walker, no Dvorchek (sp Jeanz? anyone?)...and the Cowblows running game. I hope Walker's quad is better otherwise it might be a long night up the middle on both sides of the ball.

DC Liar said...

In the early games I'm 6 & 3.
Interesting Note: So far, all of my wrong picks have involved teams in the NFC North - Let's hope that streak holds out for tonight's late game.

DC Liar said...

In the late-afternoon games I went 3 & 2. What hurts is that one of the losses was my "lock of the week".

I'm hoping that I get one more wrong pick today.