Wednesday, September 12, 2007

N. F. Hell

I've been too busy with the Fall WILT -- BTW: There's a new WILT post 2 down -- to do a post on the start of the 2007 NFL season. Here are some random thoughts on that:

The Chi-Town boys are still holding fast in the rankings (between 5th and 10th) after a loss, but bruising D can't be expected to win games - especially if we keep racking up injuries. If Lovie is gonna stick with Grossman, he's gotta start making things happen. After this season, his contract is up and I just don't see the justification for an extension. Prove me wrong, Rex.
Plus did anyone else catch THIS, talk about insult to injury.
Going forward, the Bears have to win against Dallas in week 3 to be taken seriously, and further along they need to be able to win decisively against the Beagles in Philly in week 7. The biggest test for the Bears comes in November with the prime-time Sunday night game against the Seahawks in Seattle followed the next week by Denver at home. I have faith.
My prediction for the season record is 12 wins / 4 losses with home-field throughout.

At least one of my teams walked away with an opening day win. Overtime at home against the Fish really doesn't inspire much confidence, though. Well, at least I got to see Miami lose - That's always good.
If Philly and the Giants keep playing like they did in week one, the Skins might actually have a chance at a wild-card slot this year. It's a brutal division; last year DC was the only team from the NFC East that didn't make it to the playoffs

Congrats, Bill. Way to ruin all the good will that you've accumulated by taking a joke team and turning them into a dynasty. Now the Pats are the NFL equivalent of Barry Bonds swinging for the fences with Sammy's corked bat. In one stupid move, you've given every nay-sayer a perfectly legitimate reason to question every NE win under your tenure (including those 3 Superbowls). Chump.

AFC -vs- NFC:
It always pisses me off when some fuck-wit goes off on how far superior the AFC is to the NFC. After week one, I've gotta bite my tongue because it wasn't pretty for the NFC. If the Bears manage to find their offense, I might have some ammo for that firefight, but for now, I'm just popping off caps.

ESPN's Monday Night Football:
Thank you for dumping Theisman. Both games had great commentary. Kornheiser and Jaws did a great job in the early game and the 3 Mikes (and beer) somehow managed to make the Cards at 49ers watchable throughout.

I know just enough about football to lose a shit-load of money. I've been doing pretty good with my picks so far, but I'm glad I never wager on the games - I'm sure that my hubris would fucking kill me.
Oh, and am I the only football guy that isn't in some Fantasy league? To me that just seem like gambling for weenies, or (more accurately) turning professional sports into a huge game of Dungeons and Dragons. I just don't get it.


tom o said...

i'm still resisting joining a fantasy league. i'm in a couple pools (w/$) and i'd rather root for teams than random individuals across the league.

edP said...

I will never join a fucking fantasy league! Takes all the cocksucking fun out of watching the games.

And who wants to spend one evening of their life "drafting" a third RB with jocks pretending to be dorks.

Strangely enough, not me.

edP said...

I am not, nor have I ever been the member of a fantasy league.

And when I gambled on the footballs, it was before internet gambling so you had to find an actual person (or scumbag as the case may be) to take your action. Meeting the sorry/scary sons of bitches I met in the process was more than half the fun.

Collecting was the other half.

Chris B. said...

The Bears are 4th best in the league. The three ahead of them are AFC teams. Seattle and Dallas are the only other NFC teams that I see with a chance of being legit contenders for the superbowl. I'd say that tips the AFC vs. NFC debate one way.

I've only ever made one football bet and that was the Bears to win the superbowl last year (bet made during the preseason). Whenever I put money on stuff, I lose. I jinxed it for the Bears. (Sorry.)

As for the loss last week, don't forget that San Diego might just be the best team in the league. They have an offense that is agile, meaning they adjust to the situation (and have the halfback throwing TD passes) to win a game. We have a functional - dare I say - good offense this year. Rex made very few errors for a mental midget, actually. I'm not sure that KC will be the bloodfest people are calling for, but it should be a good, solid win.

p.s. - fuck the Patriots.

Chris B. said...

Oh yeah - you all should check out the Onion's fantasy league: Shattered Expectations

They take the top six players at each position (Manning, Tomlinson, etc.) and you choose which one will have the worst day. There's no draft or anything, just check the box next to the biggest loser that week and you're done.


Michael K said...

I'm with Ed. Internet gambling is for the birds. I can't find a bookie anywhere these days. I have gone to a few dive bars and asked around but they treat me like a narc.