Saturday, September 15, 2007

NFL Week 2 Picks

St. Louis over San Francisco*
Does anyone care about this one? No? Let's move on.

Green Bay over NY Giants
Without lil' Manning (or anything resembling a defense) the Giants are gonna fall to 0 & 2.

Pittsburgh over Buffalo
Buffalo is going to be playing with plenty of emotion after the Everett loss. Emotion doesn't win football games.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay
I have a feeling that by the end of the season the Bucs will have had more quarterbacks than wins.

Carolina over Houston
The Texans look like they have a decent team this year. That being said, this one belongs to the Panthers.

Jacksonville over Atlanta
The new Atlanta quarterback reminds me of that horrible QB that used to play for the Lions and Dolphins. What was his name?

Cincinnati over Cleveland
The battle for Ohio. The loser has to keep it.

Indianapolis over Tennessee
The Titans' wonder-tard QB is lookin' good, but not that good.

Seattle over Arizona
Seahawks = Good. Cardinals = Bad. Any questions?

Minnesota over Detroit
A bunch of people are picking Detroit to win at home. A bunch of people also think Crocs are appropriate footwear for a grown adult. That don't make 'em right.

Dallas over Miami
I genuinely like Tony Romo. This bothers me because I fucking hate (and have always fucking hated) the Cowboys.

Baltimore over New York Jets
The Bengals rattled up the Baltimore hornets nest last week. I feel sorry for those poor sons of bitches in NY.

Chicago over Kansas City
Good Rex needs to show up for this one. If he can break out the razzle-dazzle against the hapless Chiefs it might keep the lynch-mob at bay for a (short) while.

Denver over Oakland
And in other news, I'm picking Wladimir Klitschko over Drinky Joe in a street-fight.

New England over San Diego
The cheaters need to win this one. If they lose here, the floodgates will open and wash all of the scum off of the face of bean-town.

Washington over Philadelphia
Picking with my heart over my head on this one. I just can't see the Beagles losing to the Packers and winning over the Skins.

*Wrong answers in RED.


edP said...

The only game on your board I would go near in Week 2 is the Bears and Chiefs. When the line was 13 1/2 earlier this week (not sure what it is now) - I would've bet the Chiefs and took the points.

This would be one of those rare occasions where betting enhances the viewing pleasure of the game.


edP has an extra hundo, he bets the Chiefs and takes 13 1/2 points. Then if it is a close game (which the Bears will probably win, but be aggravating since they should slaughter the Chiefs) I'm happy cuz the Chefs (who are the Chefs?) beat the spreat.

If the Bears romp all over the Chiefs, I lose my $100 but I'm happy because...


All is this moot since edP does not have a hundo to spare.

Apparently all edP has is the third person.


edP said...

the spread - not the spreat

edP said...

NE vs the Chargers is by far the most interesting game today. It might be the most interesting regular season NFL game in some time.

Chris B. said...

Liar - don't bet money on your picks.

ed - I'm gonna kick you in your spreat.

DC Liar said...

That's the reason I post 'em here. So I can be publicly humiliated, rather than financially so.

Michael K said...


DeffoTotes said...

does this mean that crocs ARE acceptable adult footwear?