Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy September 11th!

My super-special Patriot Day wish is that the last six years were a big fucking joke.
I rely on DC public transit, and I'm not laughing... No whammies.

I still rue the fact that General Colin Powell refused to run in 2000 (due to his wife's assassination fears). I can't help but think that the world would be a much better place if the last great democratic super-power wasn't run by a Faulknerian man-child.

Sleep tight.


Chris B. said...

The fact that Bin Laden is still making videos (nice beard job, btw) right around anniversary time is almost WWF in timing. I mean, this is some crappy Hollywood machination, right? We need a Rambo/Bourne/Godzilla to step in at this point and end the madness.

I've been lured into hearing news updates again and it's painful. When they say "people are calling British draw down in the region 'cowardly'" I want them to tell me exactly who had this opinion. Was it a real person or the segment producer? Who doesn't want this shit to end at this point? Only totally brainwashed "patriots" and Halliburton are still invested in this "war".

It doesn't matter when we "cut and run" because the region will eventually go back to dictatorships and insanity as it always has throughout recorded time. There is no "win" scenario and it'll be nearly impossible to clean up our mess.

edP said...

That's loser talk ChrisB! It's time for real Americans to stand up and be counted!

Body counted