Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Commitment Issues

As I type this, my Vespa '50 Special', my grill, my smoker, all of my lawn implements, some tools, and a couple of mannequins are stuffed in a trailer and heading back to the heartland. All of my outdoor accouterments are gone from DC for good.
Ergo, now I'm (officially) committed to moving back to IL, unless I want to go through life with raw bratwurst, unsmoked meats, and an unruly lawn (amongst other things). That's not a life worth living.
Sometime within the next 15 days, I'm gonna be heading back to Chicagoland in a big-ass U-Haul containing roughly half of my indoor-crap. Then I plan on moving the rest out of DC sometime mid-December. My path is set - destiny be damned.
Coincidentally, now I'm in the market for gainful employment and housing (in that order). If anyone has any hot leads, be sure to drop me a line.


edP said...

You should open a sports book. You're doing pretty well with your picks...all you have to do is figure out how to make the spread so there's even money every week...

Hey, I should open a Casino.

Michael K said...

What kind of job are you looking for?

Chris B. said...

You know, there's a new restaurant opening up in North Aurora that will be high-end cuisine and fancy off-track betting facility. The sports book thing might not be the worst option after all. I've thought about it, myself.

After you've settled in, I'll fill you in on my plan to open the first Sugar Grove tavern/pub.

Chris B. said...

Oh wait - you're probably moving to the big city, right? Bleh.