Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fall '07 Tee-Vee Update

Heroes (NBC)
The second season just started and I'm seriously geeked-up about it. What I want to see: I'm just waiting for a mid-power hero to go the "underwear pervert" route - I can't wait for some schlub with some stupid power to dress up in tights and a cape, thus spilling the proverbial beans.
Verdict: You know you're already watching it - Don't stop.

Dexter (Showtime)
Everybody's favorite serial killer killing serial killer is back! This show alone is worth the price for Showtime.
Verdict: If you don't have Showtime find a friend that does, and who doesn't mind you visiting every Sunday.

Dirty Sexy Money (ABC)
The basic premise is that a do-gooder lawyer (no, really) played by Peter Krause inherits his father's ultra-rich clients after he dies mysterious. The family he represents is essentially a mix of the Kennedys, Rockefellers, and the Hiltons. Chaos ensues. I've been a fan of Krause since his Sports Night days - His best-known role was that of Nate on Six Feet Under (which also starred Michael C. Hall of Dexter). The superb cast carries this show, which includes Donald Sutherland, Glenn Fitzgerald, a Baldwin, and a tranny. Good stuff.
Verdict: A pretty good show that's worth a watch.

Journeyman (NBC)
This is essentially a re-thinking of Quantum Leap starring Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus from HBO's Rome). It's a pretty good show and I appreciate that each episode stands on its own - I have too many story arcs to keep straight as it is. Check it out.
Verdict: Catch it if you can, but not a "must see".

Pushing Daisies (ABC)
Best new show, hands-down - This one gets the L&E Walrus of Approval. I'm really digging this show. It's only one episode in, but I'm watchin' 'em all until this one gets canned (in probably a month or two). Pushing Daisies has a very Tim Burton/Terry Gilliam/Jean-Pierre Jeunet feel to it - Real freakin' cool.
Verdict: Watch it!!! Now!!!

Reaper (CW)

Kevin Smith's Dead Like Me meets Ghostbusters meets Dogma mash-up. I'm watching it, but it really isn't doing that much for me. I really like Ray Wise (Twin Peaks) as the Devil, but everyone else just seems one-dimensional. If you do check this out, be sure to Tivo it - It seems like 1/2 of this show is fucking commercials. It's worth a watch if there's nothing else on.
Verdict: Meh.

Californication (Showtime)
I like David Duchovny. I like shows with gratuitous nudity. I like this show. It's like Sex and the City for misanthropic single guys.
Verdict: Watch it if you like Mr. Duchovny or nekkid girls.


garv said...

I'm also a big fan of DEXTER, and I loved the PUSHING DAISIES pilot. I'm not sure PUSHING DAISIES can keep up that level of quality week after week, but being that the show was created by Bryan Fuller (the genius behind the sadly neglected WONDERFALLS) there is hope.


Michael K said...

I've been watching the Heroes but I have to admit that the blatant product placement in the first couple episodes is kind of pissing me off. Really takes you out of that stae of suspended reality when our little princess gets all geeked up saying, "You're giving me the Rogue?" Followed immediately by Rogue commercial. Beyonce American Expres commercial also annoying. And in all NBC shows this year I have seen tons of Motorolla Razrs all over the place.

Chris B. said...

Yeah, I'm a little concerned about Heroes, too. I have a feeling they put everything into a stellar first season. The Hiro story is pretty good but a little ham-fisted (oh yeah, he has healing powers and oh yeah, one epic-ish battle and dude is a legend). Pretty obvious that he's the ancestor of the cheerleader, right?

Also, Peter hasn't figured out his powers again, but yet he's able to free himself in the first episode. Why is he so helpless against the gang leader with his box in the fireplace? Duh.

The first season of Smallville was pretty good (IMHO) but dropped off quickly as they started generating a new villain (normal kid exposed to the mysterious green rocks) every episode.

I'm still holding out hope. I'll watch this season, for sure. Still not sure about cheerleader's dad, the company, if Peter absorbed all of Sylar's powers and now is the most powerful of all, what happened to the dude that can bring stuff back from the dead, etc.

DC Liar said...

The second episode of Pushing Daisies was even better.