Monday, October 01, 2007

Playoffs and Payoffs

After the Patriots game tonight, I watched the last few (extra) innings of the Padres -vs- Rockies elimination game. I honestly can say that it was the best 13 inning one-game playoff series I've ever had the experience of watching the end of. High praise, indeed.
The one thing that drove me absolutely fucking nutty was the fucking Rockies dinosaur mascot positioned behind home plate throwing a huge fucking show every time an opposing pitcher went to throw. That's gonna get old real fucking quick in the playoffs. It's nothing a .308 round, a sniper rifle, and a motivated critic couldn't fix, still...
I know it's just some flunkie in a foam suit, but this shit has got to stop. All of the circus crap is ruining the game. While you're at it, rip those fucking LED screens outta Wrigley and can that shitty "Go Cubs Go" tripe. Bah!
Back to the game - My favorite part was where Michael Barret blocked the plate, tagged the runner out, and the ump called the runner safe anyhow. I heard that they fucked-up a home-run call against the Rockies earlier, so I guess that two wrongs calls make a right.
Why isn't there instant replay in the MLB, again? Don't give me the "it takes too much time" argument either. This game was 4 and 1/2 hours long, what's another 10 minutes to get things fucking right? Hell, most games eat up at least 45 minutes with footage of the pitcher tugging on his berries while the hitter does what I can only assume is some involved ancient South-American fertility dance.
It's time for replay (and give the fans a chance to take a leak or grab a smoke at the park).

For some unknown reason, I'm gonna give you my MLB postseason picks. Keep in mind that I have no right to be doing this, as most of my knowledge of the sport (outside of televised Cubs games) comes from ESPN shows.


Rockies over Phillies
Momentum will carry the Mountain-dwellers on this one.

Red Sox over Angels
Because I fucking hate that rally monkey even more than Sox fans. That's the best I got.

Cubs over Diamondbacks
Pitching and small-ball will lead the Cubs to a win. Also, there are a metric shit-ton Cubs fans down in Arizona (due to the Cactus League). Every game is gonna feel like a home game.

Yankees over Indians
Because experience matters.

League Championship:

Cubs over Rockies
Every year a team from the NL Central seems to make it to the World Series, so I'm going with history (and hope) on this one.

Yankees over Red Sox
Sox fans love to bitch even more than they love to brag. This makes everyone happy.

World Series:

Cubs over Yankees

And then we'll all ride unicorns across the enchanted meadow of super-models, and drink from free-flowing streams of whiskey, and...
It could happen.


Michael K said...

My unicorn is ready to go.

DC Liar said...


edP said...

I like streams of whiskey and I am disturbed whether unicorn is code for something or not.

DC Liar said...

I meant it literally, but after reading Mike's comment I'm kinda freaked too.
My bad.

edP said...

Good luck to your squadron tonight.

Michael K said...

I meant saddled up.

edP said...

My mental picture is getting worse, not better Michael.